The Derby Fire: Secrets and Lies

The Derby fire, in which six children died, was an attack on a family that shocked the country. The truth behind it is equally appalling. The father – apparently a hero who’d fought to save his kids from the flames – was convicted of starting the fire himself along with his wife Mairead and friend Paul Mosley. Mick Philpott achieved notoriety for sharing his three bedroom home with two women and 11 children. Not everyone was surprised when within weeks of the tragic blaze he’d gone from hero to suspect. With exclusive access to friends and relatives plus interviews with investigators closest to the case, Panorama reveals how Philpott’s home life was imploding in the months before the fire with rows, suicide bids and death threats and asks were warnings missed?

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  1. ashamed to say i live in this town

  2. This was absolutely chilling. I found myself so angry at Maried. How on earth could you let someone like that convince you of a plot so awful? Despite the fact she and her husband were swingers, I believe they may have loved their children, or at least the women did. Obviously they weren’t planning on not being able to get the children out of the house. I am more angry at Maried than I am at Mick. He’s just disgusting and any woman with half a brain could see that from a mile away. Maried just was attracted to that kind of machismo and would do whatever he wanted. And then to accuse her father of child abuse! It’s just twisted. I hope they never get out of prison. If this had happened in America, Nancy Grace would have had a field day.

  3. link no longer works. found this one.

  4. This guy should be hanged in the middle of a busy road up in the air for everybody to see same way they do in Iran and they should put a sign on him….I don’t deserve life!