Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree

Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, is a documentary chronicling liberty activist Derrick J Freeman’s exciting first year of activism in The Shire. 540 days in jail for dancing, smoking cannabis, going to court, and riding a bike.

Victimless Crime Spree ended with his dramatic arrest and incarceration for 60 days. All of his crimes were documented and transformed into a 90-minute film.
After volunteering for 5 years on a crisis helpline and working as a fundraiser for Greenpeace and the ACLU, Derrick J left his gayborhood in Philadelphia for Keene, NH in 2011 when Molyneaux, Rand, and Mises flipped on his “Liberty light-switch.”

Once in Keene he became a regular cohost of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Free Talk Live as well as initiating and participating in several other freedom-enhancing endeavors such as one-on-one outreach, videography, Fr33 Agents Radio News, Flaming Freedom, Live Free Or Dance parties, Cop-Blocking, blogging, and Agorism.

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  1. Thanks to this guy for pointing out how we submissively allow the government to dominate our lives and slowly erode our rights

  2. He is what anarchy-syndicalists hate. I don’t agree with what some of the cops and authority figures in this film are doing, but he doesn’t practice passive protests as one should. Instead his passive aggressiveness leads to what could be called harassment, and thus results in his arrest.

    He preaches peace, but then wants everyone to be able to carry concealed weapons.

    He doesn’t do this for the good causes he says he promotes, but rather wants attention from whatever media he can find.

  3. Watch it body!

  4. Annoying. Bet he loves the mirror.

  5. Blah blah blah blah BLAH

  6. I hate this kid so much…. harrasing elderly crossing gaurds… cool bro