Destiny in Space

This eye-opening IMAX program is filmed from a satellite in outer space. From there, the viewer can see the space shuttle as it orbits the earth, and accompany the astronauts as they embark on the dangerous mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Then the satellite moves farther out, and travels to Mars and Venus, offering breathtaking shots of the two planets and their unusual features. Even further into deep space, there are new planets to explore, as well as the exciting possibility that life exists elsewhere in the universe.

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  1. Still private in 2022.

  2. please remove private videos that we can’t watch

  3. I tried to play this documentary and they told me…”this video is private”…then why the hell is this thing listed…just take it off the list!!!

  4. The problem with bringing out water glasses is that they take-up room in the dishwasher and their storage as well as adding 10% more for the bus-boys and dishwasher to deal with.

  5. The description was a bit misleading,most of what they showed concerning Mars and Venus where digital representations of what the surface of both planets respectively look like.

  6. if they could meter the air we breathe, they would try to charge us for it

  7. true if they could control our life by limiting our air usage and pure water usage we would all be slave and alot already are with simply oil and electricity so imagine

  8. Lame. I like how they showed a peaceful colonization of Mars….yeah right! Mars will be more like what we saw in that Schwarzenegger movie where everyone was a bunch of ore mining slaves! Pessimistic? You’re damned straight…..just look at what’s happening here now!