The Devil and the Death Penalty

This is the story of Lawrence Bittaker and his accomplice Roy Norris, two convicted serial murderers and rapists who in 1979 murdered and raped five teenage girls over a period of five months in southern California, they would later become known as the “Tool Box Killers”.

The crimes these two individuals committed truly shook the nation, making headlines all across the United States. At the time Bittaker was called “worse than Manson” by the prosecutor, Stephen Kay and this film gives us a unique glimpse into the meaning behind those words as we revisit the crimes, arrest, sentencing and appeals of Bittaker and Norris through lengthy interviews with officers and prosecutor Mr. Kay, as well as access to files, court documents and photographs.

It is now over thirty years since Bittaker was sentenced back in 1981 and he still resides on Death Row in San Quentin, State Prison due to his endless appeals in the federal court system. This film not only reveals the in’s and out’s of this case but also examines the death penalty itself and the process involved showing us exactly what happens to California’s most condemned men.

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  1. Only plays until about 21 mins then shuts off and says an error occurred.