The Diana Conspiracy

Shortly after midnight on Saturday 30th of August 1997, Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed leave the Ritz hotel in Paris. Henri Paul the head of Ritz security takes the wheel. The lovers are attempting to give the paparazzi the slip as they head to a near by fire department, the journey would prove to be fatal. A crash in a tunnel would kill Henri Paul and Dodi instantly, Princess Diana the most famous women in the world at the time, would die soon afterwards.

Had Diana not been involved the crash might have been seen as just a tragic accident, but within hours of her death bizarre conspiracy theories appeared on the internet. Soon there where tens of thousands of websites dedicated to the death of Princess Diana. This documentary asks, was this just a terribly accident or was it something much bigger, and if so who was involved?

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  1. There weren’t lots of conspiracy theories on the net because the net didn’t have as big a roll out back then. Not to say there weren’t CS – just not that way.

  2. di even stated in a doc that charles was planning her death in a crash.

  3. mercedes were refused permission to examine the wreck to find out what caused the crash, the car was stolen a few months before the crash, boston brakes springs to mind, the fiat uno driver was later found dead, conspiracy my fucking arse,andrew the nonce, mountbatten the nonce, charles is a queer. get rid of these parasites they are totally irrelevant

  4. I’ll never understand why for the life of me she and her boyfriend felt the urge to dodge the paparazzi…why..she lived under the spotlight. If she and he wanted not to be seen WHY go out..they could order the finest dining under the sun to their suite. And so what if paps took your photo. How many millions of time were her photos taken.

  5. Somebody should proof read the summaries of these documentaries. There are spelling mistakes on almost every single one. Feel like I am reading my kids homework. Love the site. So may awesome docs to choose from.

    • Agree completely. Such a wonderful resource, but the silly little errors are rife. Would any part of you be interested in ‘bug hunting’ with me and fixing some of them? A brief description of each doc [with no editorializing unless there are watchability issues] as the ‘first’ comment on each would be cool too…

  6. This conspiracy theory needs to be under the scrutiny and light of the british court. Enough questions remain and there is evidence that leads to more questions that can’t be satisfactorily answered.

  7. Let’s face it. That was a baby Bump. The doctor said their first job was to save her life not to find out if she was pregnant. Upon treating her and taking tests they would have had to determine if she was pregnant.