Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

All over the world there are giant stone monuments. Almost everyone knows they were created thousands of years ago by ancient man.

But could almost everyone be wrong about the pyramids, Aztec Temples, Stonehenge?

There are a few nagging questions, like why do they seem to appear out of the blue around the same time?

How did the Giza Pyramids attain alignment with true North with an accuracy within 1/10 of a degree?

It’s a mystery that might be solved if you believe aliens influenced our society by providing the information needed to move and erect these massive stone objects.

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  1. The calculation of 2,000,000 blocks over 20 years = 1 block per 1.5 minutes, 365 days per year is a fallacy. First off, their numbers don’t add up. Total minutes in 20 years (24 * 60 minutes * 365 * 20) = 10,512,000 minutes; divide that by 2 million blocks = 5.256 minutes per block, not 1.5 minutes. So, they need a better calculator. (They do sort of add up if you use the assumption of an 8 hour workday, which wasn’t a concept until after 1900.)

    In any event, you can tell these are archeologists and not builders because they assume a very linear calculation — everyone working on one block at one time. As anyone who’s done construction knows, that’s not how it’s done. You have multiple teams working on multiple areas doing multiple things at once. Instead, assume one person working 12 hours, 330 days per year over 20 years would = 3,960 hours worked per worker. Now, assume 50 teams all working simultaneously. 50 teams would need to move 40,000 blocks per team over 20 years, or 2,000 blocks per year or 6 blocks per day, roughly 2 hours each. That sounds insurmountable but that’s using just 50 teams. The reality is there was probably 50 teams per side of the pyramid and each team would not have been responsible to get that those 6 blocks all the way to the top but rather up the the next team on the step above them. Ten guys raising a block six feet in two hours, suddenly, it’s very doable.

  2. I give it a 7. Not really sure. I do believe extra terrestrial life exists out there somewhere, I mean to think we are the only planet with life out of this vast universe with multiple galaxies and such sounds absurd and selfish to me. However i’m not sure if they have visited us or not. There are a lot of hoaxes and why would actual aliens want to visit us? Look at what we’ve done to this planet and society. I think having a balance of healthy skepticism and open-mindedness is key but difficult. Also…did they check Sasha for mental illness? I’m sorry that sounds mean but mental illness is real and that we know.

  3. “sientifically, earth was small back then but it support life like man and dinosaurs.”

    Schizophrenic nutters are not welcome. Go away.

  4. British mockery faggots!!

  5. no absloutley not aliens,, they had tecnology maybe or they did by brain power ,,co even we can use our brain power but not so good yet.
    we are new

  6. right now that’s what’s happening- EARTH IS GROWING BIG: internal heat is increasing, that’s why there’s an increase in ocean temperature that’s melting the ice both water current from the deep and from the top. of course, I’m talking about the North Pole. Increase earthquake’s magnitude and volcanic activities were also some results that the earth is growing big.

  7. sientifically, earth was small back then but it support life like man and dinosaurs. we all started as a kid then we grow. same thing with planet earth. so it needs to grow: an increase in internal temp is needed, then increase pressure from within cause by an increase in temp from within. the pressure build up is neccesary to push the earth’s land up. u get the idea. however, it needs to crack it on top and asteriod or a meteor accomplished that. the earth was covered with water and when the earth grew in size, land appear or different continent appeared or rise. Water act as a anti-freeze to cool down the internal temp. God send a meterior or asteriod to crack Pangenia so that water from within will come out, thus increasing the internal heat and pressure needed to push the top layers. lay man’s point of view but theologically filtered. Oil act as a lubricant to reduce friction without it, as we reduce its deposit, will increase friction or EARTHQUAKE. everything has a purpose. oil is the by product of minerals from within and heated up then produce oil. its like corn oil or olive oil, put it to heat and it produce oil. apply it to bearings and it reduce friction, u all get the point. so oil did not came from DINOSAURS, ok!

  8. Giants are the one who build the pyramida, stonehenge, and other big buildings impossible for us to accomplish probably. back then, when fallen angels had sex with the daughters of eden, meaning OFFSPRINGS OF ADAM AND EVE and not them, they produce giants. a well known biblical character was Goliath and alot of excavated remains of giants. a boulder alone would be impossible for 50 men to carry without giants help. earth’s land was one solid land back then, people can communicate their ideas. we call it ‘Pangenia’. that’s why there’s a universality of the pyramids design to different countries and they all saw that when they build the Tower of Babel. in Ur, where Abraham came, all demonic practices were legalized, even babies offering. remember that Ur was in Babylon. therefore, the moral state of man was so low, so deprave, that God decided to wipe it out. God accomplish this by sending meteor or asteriod or something ( read Gen. 7:11-12 ) and hit planet earth and it …rain forthy days and forthy nights’ – a sign of mushroom clouds that covered earth. then Pangenia was divided, it splt the earth into different continents. thats why pyramid design was universal, after the division of the continent pangenia, people retain that pyramid design after they erected the Tower of Babel. Scientifically,…nx pls

  9. @Michael Kinsey … wait… did you just call Carl Sagan a fool? … Really?

  10. so, the great Pyramid at Giza was built as a tomb was it? Yeah, course it was :O

  11. @lunalovegood – yes, it is, and I imagine he had a lot of fun filming it, too, he was a comedian before moving into mainstream acting


  13. If you have thousands of slaves, untold riches and many years to hand, you can build what you like.

  14. Dear Sasha,
    Please get checked in at the local looney ward…. Please

  15. On the one hand you shouldn’t disrespect the immense power of production rate, skill and sheer craft on the Egyptian people at the time. I mean lets not get confused here, these people weren’t sitting on their sofas, smoking pot all day watching Judge Judy, they where building ridiculous intricate and unfathomable structures in short periods of time compared to the length our construction rate takes in present day (for example stadiums and domes which take us years).

    Then you’ve got to answer the very serious and legitimate question of how they managed to get the cuttings so precise and deep into the structures at the time. People say aliens decided to drop them a few bits and pieces off. But I think our perception of their calibre of technology has been misconstrued. There was a lot of information and science lost in the dark ages remember. Plus you cant forget the little known proven fact that they had capabilities of forms of electricity back then using crystals etc. Look it up if you think I’m lying. It does sound far fetched, I admittedly was a sceptic at first.

  16. And lastly, the problem with civilization as it exists is that those who profess to be our leaders, just flat lie and steal from us.

  17. Since there are many places in this galaxy alone that are far older than our solar system, why would god wait until earth was formed to begin the creation of humans or any other thinking being?

  18. Here’s something funnier. Some of us humans think we are the only rational thinking beings in the universe. And yet we are not rational nor thinking. The best information on the chronology of civilization on this planet comes from Randolph winters, english version of the billy meier contact notes. Why huge monoliths were built? Why do we build dams ? To get a large energy return.

  19. the problem with these new ideas, is the fact that they are using the old paradigms. At least the billy meier contact notes make more sense. Especially the british status quo, who have been caught trying to defraud archeology.

  20. I have met some of these UFO believers. They have a violent antagonism towards anyone who disagrees with them and they mostly hate Christianity. Evolution is ok though. They really don’t like the idea somebody has the ability and authority to make them pay for any abuse they feel like dishing out. This nut job theory still does not answer creation of life itself, where did the aliens get their DNA. Carl Sagan, a great fool, has the answer. It is all an accident. Incomprehensibly complex design, DNA and no designer. ya right! Don’t tell me the DNA double helix is not a design that is the source of all life, virus to Human. 

  21. i though gods were aliens?

    • o wait… we were never smart enough to write religious texts, that was from “God” but we build crazy ass monuments that align with stars the moon and sun.

  22. If aliens built every monument thousands of years ago, why are they not communicating with us today ? Because it was humans who built thees monuments !

    Only stupid people believe this crap!

  23. This is actually a lost episode of “Pen & Teller: Bullshit!” but with a different (more dry) voice-over. No as bad as I  thought, sometimes quite funny!

  24. That was interesting, but bias.

  25. best kind of documentary..full of mad bastards, and aliens :))

  26. This is not a new topic. This topic is gaining momentum, this is why the mainstream channels are now showing these programs. However, they are showing you because when all this comes out they cant be asked ‘why have you not told us’. So now they can say they showed you. But they will show you and at the same time try and tell you its not true by making fun of it. People should be aware that Eric is for real. people should also check out, michael tsarion and jordan maxwell, these people are exposing history for all to see.

  27. Not saying it was aliens… But it was aliens.

  28. please dont post this crap on this otherwise decent site

  29. Nope.
    Aliens did not build the pyramids.

    Why put this tragic dumb ass crap up here?


  30. I like this as it not only show some rubbernecks spewing “ALIONZ BUILD EVERYTHING!!” But also the critics. 

  31. Someone has been watching too much Stargate – SG1

  32. dont watch they dont take it serious in this video

  33. Did anybody heard about the megalitic temples of Malta and Gozo they are 1,000 years older then the piramids

  34. Not Aliens! AGAIN.

  35. The ancient people of Kemet were the highest caliber engineers.  They had the same brains that we do today and made the most of them.  Let’s give credit where it is due:  to those people who were able to raise these immense structures on the desert plains of Giza.