Dish Pigs

It is said that the most compelling tales originate from a restaurants kitchen and more specifically the dish pit and in a city known for nightlife and haute cuisine, Dish Pigs tells the untold stories of dishwashers in Montreal.

Through intimate first-person accounts and gritty visual storytelling, the film unearths the deeper truths about the working-class economy that lie just beyond the doors of your favourite restaurant kitchens.

This film focuses on the lives of three eccentric dishwashers, each navigating their own day-to-day struggles while working nights in the dish pit.

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  1. This is like a modern version of ‘Down and out in London and Paris’ by George Bernard Shaw.
    He describes the life of the ‘plongeurs’ (Sp?) who washed the dishes behind the scenes in fancy Paris restaurants of the 1930’s. This was before Paris became the utterly over-rated, foul-smelling, dog toilet it has become today by the way. SIX TONS of dog shit gets left on the hot pavements of Paris EVERY DAY.
    No wonder Parisians are the rudest and most revoltingly smelly people in Europe. That level of stench has got to get to you.
    Don’t ever go there. It’s a vile shit hole.