Dispatches: Beslan

The school siege at Beslan was the bloodiest act of terrorism ever to take place on Russian soil. Yet beyond this horrible truth remain many unanswered questions. There is no agreement on who the terrorists were. How many they numbered? Where they came from? How they got to Beslan? What they wanted? Whether they were all killed or captured? And just how the siege which began on September 1 2004, ended so catastrophically?

This Dispatches special uses testimony from eyewitnesses, survivors and security services. This is combined with video and audio archive footage presents the fullest account of what happened at Beslan.

The film examines the background to the events of Beslan. It also looks at the Russian state’s reaction to the atrocity and the motivation of the hostage-takers. Beslan School Siege also documents how a small town is coming to terms with the loss of its children.

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  1. Muslims. Literal human trash who worship a pedo god.

  2. I’d like to see what the Russians did in revenge. They are good at getting even.

  3. First of all I don’t understand…how sick can you be to put so much worthless adds inbetween a documantary like this…you really think people will look and say ‘oh nice car!’ Idiots, no respect at all…
    Second of all Putin should know his place and terrorists should attack politicians, not children, all worthless peaces of shit

  4. Thank’s putin for that…. and not only for that…
    poor people, on both sides of the conflict.

  5. My ex boyfriend was held during the siege, as were his parents who were teachers at the school. He had to watch them die at the hands of Chechens and harbors a hatred for them that I have never seen in anyone else in my life. I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to watch your family and friends die around you simply because of governmental and land disputes. It was incredibly hard to be supportive of him, thoughm when I personally believe both sides are in the wrong and that Russia has done some pretty horrific things to the Chechen population as well.  

  6. paybacks a bitch isn’t it Russia

    What you gave to them, now they give it to you

    • Russia has done horrible things, but these were children. It’s bad enough terrorism has to be used at all, but to children is disgusting.

  7. Powerfull stuff, probably not the most relaxing Sunday viewing to be honest…..

  8. I will provide all the deceased children and the elderly to those horrible inhumanevent. and I will offer up to God to the people who survived, so that their hearts with hatred and sadness will grow old

  9. Terrorsist funny they dont mention the terrorism the russians brought on the Afghan people in the 1980s, or what they did to the Chechnyans in the 1990s. Now they cry

    • I agree. Though I wasn’t aware of this terrorist attack, and It saddens me to watch about. The children, teachers, and parents all didn’t deserve pain and misery for what their governments have done. Governments all around the world, America, Afghanistan, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Uganda, and countless more do shit that their people have to pay for with their souls. The sad part is, this is nothing new. We can recall such accounts to the earliest history of human beings, Romans pillaging Goths, Vikings pillaging and raping any land they could find, Christian Crusades, all the wars fought by the Umayyad Caliphate in the name of “Allah” (Even when God punishes the people who force religion upon others). It is human nature, and that is the most depressing fact. Just look towards your own and your close one’s health and do your best to help the world. It starts with us.

      • Hi Meekal, just wanted to say I appreciate your thoughts and agree with you very much. Violence, revenge, unimaginable cruelty, and lust for power are tragic elements of human nature. While we cannot control these events much as we would like to, it does indeed begin with us and living honourable lives. The smallest of kindnesses to others can have a ripple effect around the world. Bless. 🙏

  10. Harrowing from start to finish. Beware.