Dispatches: Chechnya – The Dirty War

The military conflict in Chechnya has now been dragging on for more than ten years. During this war Moscow has tried every means possible to prevent it being reported in the press. And so all contacts with members of Chechen resistance are considered illegal. According to the latest report to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, in 2004 1,700 disappeared in the republic without trace, and illegal killings became commonplace.

Reporters Mariusz Pilis and Marcin Mamon travel to neighboring Chechnya, one of the most dangerous places on earth, to report on what life is like after more than a decade of Chechen terrorism and Russian repression. Filmed over the course of nine months, the film reveals that what started as a separatist movement in 1994 has now become synonymous with terrorism.

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  1. I didn’t mind the subtitles and thought it was a really good documentary.

  2. I agree.  All that extraneous arm waving is totally bogus.  Why annoy 99% of viewers for the 3 deaf people that might watch?

  3. incredibly annoying with that idiot woman in the corner… next time, maybe just use SUBTITLES!?!