Dispatches: Iraq Reckoning

Peter Oborne, political editor of the Spectator, reports on the West’s exit strategy for Iraq. He believes the invasion of Iraq is proving to be the greatest foreign policy failure since Munich. Oborne argues that the plan to transform Iraq into a unified liberal democracy, a beacon of hope in the Middle East, is pure fantasy. Reporting on location with US troops in Sadr City, and through interviews with leading figures in Britain and the US, Oborne argues that the coalition and its forces on the ground are increasingly irrelevant in determining the future of Iraq – a future that’s unlikely to be either unified, liberal or democratic.

The film includes interviews with Richard Perle, Peter Galbraith, Deputy Chief of Army staff General Jack Keane. Oborne also interviews Rory Stewart, who worked as a deputy governor in Nasyriah and witnessed first hand the rise of the pro-Iranian fundamentalist parties that are now at the heart of the Iraqi government.

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  1. Go to PART 2 and then go to the “Seven Minute Mark” through to the “Eight Minute and Four Seconds Mark” of this Documentary if you want to investigate what really happened in the Oklahoma City Bombing of a Federal Building with a truck bomb; then pay attention to this video of what it looks like when a much more powerful bomb blows up right next to a large Hotel. WOW! Just like September 11, 2001, we cannot believe anything that this White House has to say. I totally believe that the Oklahoma City Bombing was a dry run to see how The United States Of America’s public would react to terrorism in order to plan to commit the attacks of September 11, 2001; just like Oklahoma in which the White House said it was a truck bomb and yet the Bomb Squad spent the rest of the afternoon removing bombs from INSIDE the building; so it also be, that The White House denies bombs in the Twin Towers and in World Trade Tower Seven. Now go watch the Documentary, A Noble Lie: The Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995″ and then come back to this Documentary at Part 2 at the Seven Minute Mark. NOW YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK! EYE 5

  2. They need to just bomb their country off the map. The middle east has declared it will not rest till all of us are dead…. They despise our democracy, they despise our rights and liberties and over all depise us because we don’t follow Islam…. Quit making excuses for a culture that doesn’t give two shits about you.

    • “…bomb thier country off the map”? …so you’re advocating total genocide! No wonder they “will not rest till [idiots like you] are dead.”

  3. The documentary states that the invasion of Iraq has failed in terms of bringing “western” democrathy to the country. This is confusing and pointing in a wrong direction. The main reason to invade Iraq was NOT to liberate the country or bringing liberal democratic values to the people of Iraq. The main reason for the invasion was to gain permanent control of the energy ressources such as OIL, in order to secure the economic and strategical position of the Unites States in the world. There never was a masterplan for bringing democrathy there. Liberating and rebuilding the country is just to be considered as the bitter part of the sweet apple.

  4. Truth well told. A very good documentary. Worth watching.