Dispatches: Stealing Your Freedom

Political commentator Peter Hitchens takes a look at how the recent avalanche of security legislation has affected the civil liberties of ordinary people in Britain.

The result, Hitchens explains, is that we are sleepwalking into a Big Brother state. Travelling across Britain, Hitchens meets ordinary people who have suffered needlessly because of new legislation and increased police powers.

The programme also contains interviews with the Lord Chancellor Charles Falconer, Lord Carlisle, an independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, and Shami Chakrabarti, Director of Liberty.

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  1. i wanna puke blood every time i see that effing sodomite blair, sooner the twats dead the better

  2. I have n’t watched the Documentary as yet , so i am reserving judgement, but before i do may ask what reasons people have for disagreeing with this person, and can they tell me what these reasons, moral or otherwise, are founded upon?

    Yes; but is it true? That’s the real point.

    If it makes somebody that angry. Its my guess the answer is, ‘Yes’.
    Although it is not nice to categorize people and label people. you must admit we all do it. Its just a way of generalizing an emotive feeling about something.

    You have to consider now how your own beliefs have been constructed. Have you been listening to Television? Have you read the papers a lot? The chances are , a very definte , ‘Yes’.
    Well that must mean that to a large degree you are already brainwashed by propaganda. Government propaganda is vert subtle and the media is nearly always a tool of the Government so it follows that they will use it.
    In my view the Uk is already a Police State and if you need any confirmation of that just ask yourself;
    Who Controls our Borders and Who Controls our Laws?
    If only one of the answers to these questions is another Country, Countries or State , then its not us.
    Please take a look at this website and then you might find out why the Country is the way it is.

    Then Google , Harry Beckhough and Michael Shrimpton QC.

  3. im sorry, but i agree that the uk is turning into a police state. but this documentary simply seems to be promoting extreme right wing opinions as if they are the main proponents of freedom. 15 minutes in and theyre already slamming race, homosexuality and europe. i knew peter hitchens was an intolerant arsehole but jesus fucking christ…