Dispatches: The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain

Tesco is Britain’s favorite supermarket. With 2,000 stores and 15 million customers a week, it’s almost twice as big as its nearest rival. Dispatches shows how Tesco could soon become even bigger, and asks if this retail giant is abusing its power.

In The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain, Ben Laurance pieces together evidence that reveals the true potential of Tesco’s expansion plans. In two thirds of Britain, Tesco is already the dominant supermarket.

Dispatches’ information shows how that dominance could become even greater. The programme examines the ways in which Tesco avoids paying tens of millions of pounds in tax by exploiting legal loopholes and using complex networks of companies and partnerships here and overseas.

And Dispatches chronicles the links Tesco has forged with New Labour: the programme examines how Tesco has used its connections to exert influence both at Westminster and with local councilors.

The Supermarket That’s Eating Britain hears how: councils feel bullied; MPs complain about being put under pressure; and Tesco uses its financial clout to keep its competitors at bay.

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  1. A few points were good. Most of it was utter rubbish. e.g. the food labelling system, it is quite clear that GDA % amounts (with colours) are better than a than just colours on their own. Dispatch want to see the research? How about use common sense…..

    One issue they should have brought up, that is the most serious, they totally missed out. The fact the all supermarkets are driving down profits for farmers, essentially leaving them with nothing. More than that, they can turn down vast quantities of fresh veg leaving the farmer out of pocket.