Dispatches: Undercover in the Secret State

Award-winning filmmaker Kim Jung Eun (Shadows and Whispers: The Struggle of North Korean Refugees) lays bare the cruel realities of daily life in North Korea, presenting powerful undercover footage and interviews with defectors fleeing the regime. Working as secret cameramen, the dissidents that Jung Eun meets film public executions and concentration camps to expose the subjugated existence of a nation gripped by the cult of its reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il.

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  1. The world waits for this nightmare to end but it still goes on

  2. People of the world lets unit and fight against this evil!

    We need to establish a fresh organisation which motives aren’t world domination or money or power or oil. Should about only about social justice… Fuck the UN and their permanent so called member and their VETO powers.

    Raise up! lets assassinate those elites who is fucking up this world!

  3. Way to protect the persons featured in this video. NOT! What is the author thinking? Dumb. Why would anyone trust these film makers? You described their routes, methods, and showed their faces. Stay away from idiots.

  4. i would like to know how i can support kim jung eun? is there an organization that i can support ?
    thank you
    joe sosa

  5. If only North Korea had oil reserves….. Kim Jong Ill would be outta there faster Saddam through a trap door.

  6. What a nightmare. It amazes me that China still allows this to go on – they aren’t a bastion of human rights, but they still understand human suffering and embrace development. I feel so sorry for the people of North Korea. How many of them know life is better on the outside but are too terrified to speak up? How many of them don’t even know what they are missing….? The sooner Kim Jong Ill dies, the better. I wish that selfish, insane a speedy death.

    • Sadly, most of the people in North Korea don’t know that life is better in other countries. North Korea is all they know and these people have been raised to believe that the other countries are evil and out to destroy North Korea. I saw a documentary where a girl got her sister out of NK but the sister insisted on going back “to a better life”.