DMT: The Spirit Molecule

The Spirit Molecule weaves an account of Dr. Rick Strassman’s groundbreaking DMT research through a multifaceted approach to this intriguing hallucinogen found in the human brain and hundreds of plants. Utilizing interviews with a variety of experts to explain their thoughts and experiences with DMT within their respective fields, and discussions with Strassman’s research volunteers brings to life the awesome effects of this compound, and far-reaching theories regarding its role in human consciousness.

Several themes explored include possible roles for endogenous DMT; its theoretical role in near-death and birth experiences, alien-abduction experiences; and the uncanny similarities in Biblical prophetic texts describing DMT-like experiences. Our expert contributors offer a comprehensive collection of information, opinions, and speculation about indigenous use of DMT, the history and future of psychedelic research, and current DMT research. All this, to help us understand the nature of the DMT experience, and its role in human society and evolution.

The subtle combination of science, spirituality, and philosophy within the film’s approach sheds light on an array of ideas that could considerably alter the way humans understand the universe and their relationship to it.

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  1. Part one; Interesting.
    Part two; So now it’s a documentary about Ancient Egyptians?
    Part three; Part one again?
    Stopped watching.

  2. Did anybody else notice that part 1 is the same as part 3….All in all i rate this documentary 1 out of 10, because i feel sorry for the creator

  3. This is not the real DMT documentary. This seems to be some sort of older documentary on the pharaohs of Egypt.

    The real one is to be released Late Summer 2010 and is much more contemporary and focused on the actual experience.

  4. Not the scientific inquiry it sounds like. The research on DMT (if there is any) is not given and instead there’s focus on why the Egyptians and the book of the dead had the answers. Manna for those who already believe in an afterlife but the veneer of pseudo science isn’t a substitute for some facts.

    • I am pretty certain that this is not the actual film but just some clips of interviews from the film mixed in with some other footage thrown together haphazardly.