Do I Drink Too Much

Alcohol is by far the most widely used drug – and a dangerous one at that. So why are so many of us drinking over the recommended limits? Why does alcohol have such a powerful grip on us? How much of our relationship with this drug is written in our genes?

What are the real dangers of our children drinking too young? Addiction expert John Marsden, who likes a drink, makes a professional and personal exploration of our relationship with alcohol.

He undergoes physical and neurological examinations to determine its impact, and finds out why some people will find it much harder than others to resist alcohol.

Even at the age of 14 there may be a way of determining which healthy children will turn into addicts.

John experiments with a designer drug being developed that hopes to replicate all the benefits of alcohol without the dangers. Could this drug replace alcohol in the future?

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  1. Its danger is heightened precisely because of its social acceptance. Any other dangerous addiction, whether it’s a food addiction, drug addiction, smoking addiction, etc is scorned. But, most people think it’s hilarious and no big deal when someone gets hammered.

  2. Hana. I was thinking the same thing!

  3. Blocked part 5


  5. Part 5 says it is blocked by BBC on copyright grounds.

  6. Alcohol makes too much sense within the human context.  It’s the best and worst drug for our brain, in my opinion

  7. Alcohol is the most socially acceptable dangerous drug known to man. If it was introduced today (with all that we now know about it) it would be banned.

  8. There are WAY more benefits from marijuana, than ANY drug BIG PHARMA could offer. It has been PROVEN numorous times the benefit out weight the PROPAGANDA that has been IMBEDDED into our society. Young kids are eating “treats” because they have A.D.D, little kids going through chemotheraphy, how do you think they are able to eat after? How do you think they are able to stop the sickness?? How do you think kids who have been sexually, mentally, emotionally or physically abused, are able to get through it (Without forking over lots of $$$ for therapy, which they would be going to for the rest of their lives)….yes you can thank marijuana for that! There are so many variables that needs to be considered before making STUPID judgements like that!!! Think about it: at one point in time alcohol was prohibited for a stupid reason, now how many TEENAGERS are dying or hospitalized yearly because of this drug? How many have died or been hospitalized from marijuana???? (Just to point out, those who have been hospitalized already had a pre-condition and marijuana only brings it to the surface more.An example of that is psychotic- early schizophrenia)
    (I would recommend you look into the history of the benefits of marijuana before you type, check out the Chinese who have been benefitting from marijuana for thousands and thousands of years)
    I believe if it were legal the government, along with everything else they have power over, will always have problems….they just look at $$$$, not at the people! A good example of that, other than alcohol, is the use of Cyclamate in artifical sweeteners, it was banned for years (in canada and the u,s. for causing bladder cancer among other problems) but now it’s in almost all artifical sweeteners, in high doses! IT’S UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL TO MAKE THE CHOICE NOT THE DRUG(S) CHOOSING THE INDIVIDUAL!

  9. Timmy you are a stupid fuck

  10. All the more reason to legalize cannabis, I actually feel better the day after I smoke!

  11. Very interesting questions and facts are pointed out in this documentary.
    It definitely helps understand why alcohol can be so addictive and why do we react in such different ways to it.
    Then again, I love BBC’s docus, and I’ll praise the quality of that one too 🙂

  12. This represents a very even-keel approach, even though I feel the overwhelming sentiment is “don’t drink.” The presentation represents my feelings – I like it, I get it’s bad, but I’m not concerned… yet. At any rate, very worth watching, especially if you’re interested in drug abuse (obviously alcohol is the “original” drug) or trying to figure out why you, or a friend, can’t let go of those good times. Enjoy, go GB and hurrah to the beverage.