Do You Know What Time It Is?

Particle physicist Professor Brian Cox asks, ‘What time is it?’ It’s a simple question and it sounds like it has a simple answer. But do we really know what it is that we’re asking?

Brian visits the ancient Mayan pyramids in Mexico where the Maya built temples to time. He finds out that a day is never 24 hours and meets Earth’s very own Director of Time. He journeys to the beginning of time, and goes beyond within the realms of string theory, and explores the very limit of time. He discovers that we not only travel through time at the speed of light, but the experience we feel as the passing of time could be an illusion.

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  1. Brian cox science never goes past high school level.. I use to think he had an open mind, but I find him more of an ethertainer of science rather than profosser asking real questions instead of just reading from a book.

  2. wery nice documentary … worked like crapp though

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  6. Love this documentary ‘Do you know what time it is?’  Fascinating stuff !  Had trouble finding site which would show full programme, so thanks, brilliant.

  7. excellent conceptual documentary. I like the idea of time that is far different from general concept of time. Figuring out time is tricky and probably impossible task. The time watch shows is all to make our life easier and systematic. But the real time is unknown….

  8. love the star wars reference

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  12. many thanx for giving oppurtunity to watch this great profoundly impacying programme.

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    • No, my dear, homophobes are not popular. 

      It’s sad that that your preconceptions about appearance and sexual identity—and belief that educators have to be sexually attractive to you—prevent you from learning from Professor Cox.

    • are you having gender problems?…. this is not the docu for you Tttatadudukakas