Dog Attacks

Something is on the prowl, its aggressive and vicious and the streets of American could be at risk from a menace close to our hearts. Vicious packs of dogs are roaming unchecked so the History Channels Monster Quest series investigates.

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  1. DocHeaven …why do you continue to put the wrong titles on these videos? This wasn’t about severe dog attacks and cases. It was about studying the feral dogs actions.

  2. They caught a dog with a trap. But if they continue the dogs are going to be smart enough to communicate with each other and tell each other not to go into the traps. To trap them you have to keep alternating methods. If people don’t want their dogs anymore they should call the local pounds Dogs which are desperate are going to use their instincts to survive and people train their dogs aggressively. When they let them loose naturally they are dangerous. If there are too many they may have to shoot them with tranquilizers to capture them.

  3. What do people expect? The world is not only for humans. Other animals have to survive, and people are the same as any animal – a potential meal, nothing special or more important than other beings, so it’s about time that we realize that we have to accept our losses and live and let live.