Donald Trump: Billionaire Rich Lifestyle

Welcome to the world of Donald Trump, Trump has made himself a multi billionaire and never stops flaunting what he’s got but behind this image is the toughness of a New York builder. Trumps American dream takes him from luxury buildings and hotels to starring in the original Apprentice series. Now Trump is attempting to bring his brand of showmanship over the Scotland but the locals aren’t that impressed.

With exclusive access to Donald Trump and his family this film discovers how a man who narrowly avoided bankruptcy went on to make millions.

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  1. I love this man!!!

  2. He didn’t make himself a billionairre – far from it. He inherited his money and then lost a huge part of it through terrible business deals.
    A sad insecure paranoid failure with a history of carrying out sexual assaults.
    No wonder the ignorant GOP voters love him.

  3. In many ways he’s shallow and cold hearted. Funny how they don ‘t talk about that.

    And unless you look like Shemar Moore or Tom Cruise it’s best not to be an exhibitionist

  4. What a grand man.

  5. Donald Trump is Mister Fabulosity himself.