Donk is simultaneously the most terrifying and hilarious dance music genre to ever come out of the UK. It’s like lowest common denominator happy hardcore overlaid with manic, unintelligible MCing and the “donk” sound itself – a noise that might be used to successfully drum a forced murder confession out of an innocent man. But the raves – attended by 14 year olds and people who think you’re a pussy if you only do 8 pills in a night – provide a much needed respite from the terminal decline of industry, unemployment, drug addiction and general depressing awfulness that dominates the area where the scene is based. Ben je op zoek naar buitenlandse casino’s om te spelen? Speel zonder CRUKS anoniem bij de beste online casino’s met MGA licentie uit Malta en geniet van bonussen en gratis spins.

We hung out with some aspiring 12-year-old MCs at donk’s Abbey Road, a youth centre in Bolton; met premier donk DJ Greenie at his mum’s house in Burnley and spent some time with The Blackout Crew – the One Direction of the scene (the only donk MCs who’d recorded a proper song when we made the film) – who swapped presenter Jaimie Hodgson’s tight trousers and elf shoes for a tracksuit and Air Max’s and took us to a party at Wigan Pier, donk’s spiritual home.

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  1. The unique aspect of “white” civilization is that across the globe their foundations stem from and build upon a common thread. The greco-Roman world serves as the outlook of every European people’s. Beyond that, the personal genetics when honestly studied stand in opposition to the “more variation within than between” fallacy; the variance, at its core is nothing more than the level of Hunter-gatherer/yamnaya in your DNA. Over the thousands of years the variant levels of indo-European genetic groups that were formed by the slight mixing of thst original variance were confined within national borders to find a somewhat distinct physical expression: all the while maintaining more similarity to their “white” National neighbors than to their neighbors of other places.
    This… is fact.
    Present from our architecture and philosophy to the common levels of different alleles and protein uptake sequences found in the spirit and body of every European descendant.
    This documentary however….
    Is a stark reminder not only of how base and degraded we’ve become; but of the enormous and ongoing effort it will take to remind our people of the common spark that once made us great.
    Men like Alexander and Napoleon left an indelible mark on the world. Their descendants faith built cathedrals of true awe. We went to the moon.
    All for those kids to do… that… and me to bitch about it online.
    We are not worthy.

  2. Jesus Christ, some of those kids in the club are about 10 years old!

  3. is this the jersey shore of England?

  4. Donk music is for tramps and peasents , Same goes for hardcore, trance or any hard house Genre .. Just have to look at the clobber these dudes have .. Boy going into the club with a lacoste tracksuit on and a pair of air max”s jakeballs !!!

  5. this music has been around for a long time early 90s

  6. i think the whole thing is a pisstake/ it not?

  7. The presenter looks a proper tosser runnin’ about with that tiny hood up all night!

  8. Sweet Jesus, what a grim sight. Horrendous looking people acting like spastics to music made by mongs for bellends.

  9. I think ppl are missing the point, the interviewer is purposely taking the piss out of this shit music,

  10. Are we being punk’d? I used to like a similar kind of music 20 years ago, but back then it was called gabber and it didn’t suck. Seriously, “donk” sounds like a cruel parody of electronic music. If you had told me these were deleted scenes from Idiocracy, I would have totally believed you! This is why musical literacy matters. The DJ/MC fad is dumbing down music exponentially and most people can’t see it because they really don’t know what they don’t know about music theory.

    I can’t believe they compare these hack-job wannabes to the Beatles and Abbey Road…Titanic FAIL. It used to be a joke that you could join a punk band if you knew three chords. Knowing 3 chords would be rocket science compared to donk.

    You might as well claim to invent gravity and call it “splorg” lol crackpot musicians

    • How are they “wannabes”. I think they’re totally unpretentious. They’re just living their lives and getting into the music they love, without caring what people like you think.

      Those guys are having a good time.

      Therefore, *they win*.

  11. while i dont care for this music…and some of this might seem silly.
    Atleast they are dancing and loving it, better than clubs here in America that are about bottle service and dressing up better than going to Sunday Mass.

  12. i’m not able to see this video (no video screen)

    Wat am i missing? a plugin? got adobe, divx and silverlight or can i find a posting at a other site.
    All the other doc’s work

  13. Really interesting topic… if your into that. I mean, I had no idea. The documentary itself is rather rude but… it’s kinda hard not to laugh (^.^)

  14. i’m from the us midwest, home of beer. i’ve been to england three times and scarborough twice. i.d say they drink way more in the uk than we do. evidence in the video. cool place, though – sober.

  15. If this music/scene grows more popular, in 100 years there won’t be anyone intelligent left to become anthropologists.

  16. Too speedy for me. Even w/ speedy E. Never liked happy hardcore, either. I grew up w/ Rasta and punk, so, twas never so fast, but w/ more bass. But, hey, even Krunk had it’s moment, so, let the newbies go nuts w/ this new go-round!

  17. Unless I’m on E donk is not what I wanna listen to.

  18. Looks like Holland in the 90’s

  19. i think it wouldve been a better documentary if the interviewer wsn’t so secretly condescending of his interviewees. Its shallow because he is… His descriptor of the genre: “terrifying… hilarious… lowest common denominator…” means the documentary cannot hope to engage deeply. I’m sure once the Blues were regarded as “awful wailing” just as disco in the late 70’s was regarded as “terrible and noisy”… Even Elvis Presley was once considered radical… I think a music documentary needs to look at the music its examining and write about it as though he believes his film will be discovered by anthropologists in 100 years.

  20. …lot of english ugly people 😀

    • I agree with ninik… Its pretty wrong really, i could be just as condescending about the journalist! But i don’t need too be! In my eyes, he’s just another wanna be hipster, one of many nowadays, they are all pretty condescending, but is that not part of being a hipster? Guys like him, believe that they are different too other people.
      Besides the point, you could have included some musical history in there, considering you’re a musical god, or just a hipster… About where this scene originated from, accurately…How it ties in with the rise of electronic music in manchester in early 90;s… because this is not a knew type of music…

      Bounce/Scouse House music a hybrid dance genre, that spins of hard house, happy hardcore, trance, the more up beat, “Bouncy,” styles of dance music that where massive in the 90s…Theres no such thing as Donk music… Its Bounce, or Scouse House if you wanna call it that…. Its a hybrid genre, because no one ever set out too make it or categorise it, label it if you will… It just spun off the back end of the club scene/Dance scene around liverpool, and manchester, and was influenced by many styles of electronic music of which where popular at the time…(Hard House/Trance/House/Hard Dance) The style of Mcing (not rapping you…absolute fool) originates from 90’s rave scene… There was always an MC. He wasn’t there too be lyrical.. He was there too host the set, or just get the crowd more lively.
      Yeah, its not my preference, But this documentary is bull shit…
      One more thing, DJ Greenie, is definatley not a pioneer of this type of music… He makes his own style of bounce/scouse house.

      Coming from some one, who lives in the midlands, no where near the north west of england, who doesn’t EVER listen to this style of music… But knows musical history, and understands people well enough, not too be a cunt about how people choose too live. Vice, you are FULL OF BULLSHIT… Posh grammar, fancy flashing images, does not hide how you guys truly are… Bunch of wanna be hipsters, thinking that they make a difference too the world… FUCK OFFFFFFFF