Don’t Look Down

The man behind the climbs shown in this film is not a stuntman or professional climber but a 23 year old man who lives at home with his mother in South Hampton, UK, called James Kingston. He has gained world wide notoriety for climbing and hanging from a 100m tall crane (Image shown in thumbnail). By sharing his climbs with the public there is always a risk of inspiring copy cats and authorities are quickly becoming concerned that accidents are simply waiting to happen.

This climbing craze initially emerged out of Russia and the Ukraine over 7 years ago since then it has spread across the world. Scaling cranes bridges and towers without any safety equipment and these climbers have been attempting to out do each other in a series of death defying stunts. Although nobody has fallen yet in the UK in Russian and the Ukraine at least 16 people have died illegally climbing.

With exclusive interviews and climbing footage Channel 4 take us inside the world of this increasingly popular past time and reveals the dangers involved.

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  1. Gay.

  2. jesus fucking christ

  3. This gentlemen has defied fear and I feel like this is a huge step in personal strength as well as for the human race. That ability to control your fear is incredible and impressive.

  4. Jackass…no need to watch this idiocy…next!

  5. No, thank you.

    His training in parkour and freerunning has served him well.