The Doors: The Road of Excess

In 1991 the biographical film The Doors was released, it is a tribute to the work of the 1960-70’s rock band The Doors. It was directed by Oliver Stone and starred Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. The Doors: The Road of Excess is a documentary spin off from the making of this film and includes interviews with those who were close friends with the late Jim Morrison and several people who were directly involved in the making of The Doors.

The film itself only really touched the surface of what Jim Morrison actually achieved in life and in a bid to shine light on what was left out of the movie this documentary takes a closer look at Jim’s career and friends.

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  1. Saw The Doors in Chicago in 68(?) at the Auditorium Arena, my first live rock & roll concert-Morrison was high energy.

    The couple in front of us were smoking reefer!