Down the Deep, Dark Web

Down The Deep, Dark Web is a film on, you guessed it… the Darknet. There have been many documentaries released recently on the now infamous dark net website The Silk Road but most of those films focus solely on that website alone and Ross Ulbricht , it’s creator. This film however takes a closer look at the dark net itself and how it works.

A journalist by the name of Yuval Orr is our tour guide throughout this exploration into the depths of Darknet. Assigned with writing an article on the subject he dives head first down the rabbit hole and on this journey we are taken to Tel Aviv, Prague and Berlin, where Yuval meets up with several tech experts, cybercrime watchmen, and a group of self-appointed underground freedom fighters.

This film asks if the Darknet is a glimpse into a twisted dystopian future or is it our savour from the Orwellian reality in which we are already living in?

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