Downloading the Devil

In this 40 minute documentary we see the bizarre events surrounding the murder of Jennifer Blagg and her daughter Abby by Michael, Jennifer’s husband. Michael, it turns out had an unusual craving for pornography which was initially satisfied by imagery of women being dominated. This in itself isn’t very out of the ordinary in 21st Century America, but for God-fearing Christians like the Blagg family, it was a bit more out there.

Michael Blagg himself reported his wife and daughter missing when he supposedly came home from work and walked into a crime scene with a blood soaked floor and no sign of his family. Police originally didn’t have very much to go on but after some investigation, they uncovered Michael’s porn on his computer and evidence began to point towards Michael himself, one such piece of evidence was a handwritten note by Jennifer pointing towards a fight over the pornography.

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  1. Don’t even insult your own intelligence by withstanding this oversimplified,moralizing propaganda from the delusional evangelical christian fundamentalists with their ‘devil made him do it’ rubbish.
    Human sexuality has been demonized since catholicism, judaism, christianity, Islam and etc decided it was morally wrong and evil, yet they cannot explain why it exists in human nature and the many expressions of it continue to persist.
    It is not sex, or sexual imagery that is the problem, but the almost invasive moralizing evolution of human consciousness that christianity especially has implanted in people, resulting in crippling feelings of guilt, shame and low self worth, sin and all the other life denying dangerous doctrine’s of the church.
    Consider a world where as long as there is consent, consideration, freedom from persecution and moralizing judgement from a made up enraged paternal deity that justifies remorse and guilt, and you would have a far more balanced society, free from this ridiculous garbage.
    Statistics have shown that those moralizing evangelicals engage in pornography and so called ‘deviant’ sexual behaviour more than non religious people. It’s just that religious people want to punish themselves and others because they can’t overcome that faulty imposed emotional reaction called guilt.
    This kind of documentary should be removed for it is a form of terrorism.

    • However bad this documentary is, how can you call it a form of terrorism? Do you have any idea what terrorism is? These are merely some words and images, its content should stand for itself to be judged, if it’s stupid, oversimplified, harmful – it should be treated as such and all are welcome to review it – but whatever it says – calling it a form of terrorism is a stupid oversimplification itself.

      • Mr ‘Antinomy’ or neokantian, terrorism as with any idea can be used or misused, to justify the actions and aims of any said group employing those means.’The state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.’ Christianity uses the fear of final judgement, satan, hell, punishment for eternity to induce submission and conformity to it’s values. This is the internet, so if that’s too simple for you then I’m afraid I can’t help you.