Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis

This is a documentary about one of twin boys whose penis got burned off during circumcision. The boy would be scarred for life and would have to live with terrible psychological consequences… unless he became a she. Is it possible to change the gender of a human being completely? What factors determine the gender of a person? Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis is a documentary investigating these questions. It presents the scientific theories of Dr. Money stating that nurture (instead of nature) eventually determines gender.

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  1. Trans activists scream that “transexuals existed for centuries”. So what? THIS debated is about HIS THEORIES OF gender ideology. They’re so ignorant and brainwashed they themselves FORGET their own argument that gender doesn’t equal sex.

  2. This is a horrible story as doctors pretend to know the mind of nature and they don’t as lives are destroyed by their professed knowledge of everything. Science can be so disruptive when their findings are incomplete and incompetent.

  3. The study Dr. Money done defies many ethical laws and procedures needed in research but the study’s actual results provide evidence that nature dominates over nurture.

  4. I think Dr Money was a pedophile.

  5. I’ve thought about this issue before and think we should wait and at the age of sexual maturity let the boy decide what he wants to do. For some the procedure is religious. People used to do it because it was cleaner but was have lots of soap and water now. If it is a cosmetic thing we shouldn’t take the risk at all.

  6. Goes to show how uneducated people were (and still are?) not so very long ago: no penis therefore no man.

  7. Never mind the psychology experiment – this documentary ought to be about the horrors of circumcising babies! It blows my mind that while most countries frown on “FGM”, we think nothing of multilating the genitals of male babies. We think, “How horrible and backward and brainwashed those people who practice FGM must be!”, but somehow we don’t realize that we’ve been just as brainwashed into thinking it’sokay to remove part of a male infant’s genitals. Yes, male circumcision has some health benefits, but it’s something that each man should be able to decide for himself when he reaches adulthood. This boy would never have been part of this psychological experiment if it wasn’t for the accident that took place during his circumcision.

  8. The majority of physicians (and a few nurses) have such a god-complex/holier-smarter-righter-and-better-educated-than-you attitude, there’s absolutely NO room for them to question themselves, or their esteemed colleagues. I am SO over these types of medical ‘professionals’!

  9. Just one of the MANY risks parents take when they decide to pointlessly mutilate their children…

  10. not surprised he committed suicide. Just look at the interviews, even if that isn’t exactly how the interviews played out, its a case of how the children remember the events. Very traumatic. Also, I have a feeling that this doc and a previous one (as well as the book on David), had something to do with the suicide. David seemed to be living his life with a family like normal. Opening the door to the past did it (I think). Should have gotten help for the man, not a doc. This is why we don’t experiment on children.

  11. psychiatrists have strange theories and no facts to go by.  What makes a person male or female? Chromosomes and hormones, not some stupid psychiatric mumbo Jumbo.  They made the boy a freak and lab rat without his own consent.  The Mother was obviously slow thinking if you know what I mean, she was easily persuaded by the docs so they could do their nazi, I mean psychiatric, experiments.  The ends never justify the means in these kind of experiments. 

  12. I honestly believe that doctor did more damage to brians mental health than his upringing, he comes across as nothing more than a pedophile. Just a doctor so desperate to make his theories true that he became a bully.

  13. as gay man that i am, i can see how much damage can be done in all senses. i frequently states that is a miracle when we gay grow up as serene and peaceful persons.
    This story is so sad and the most horroring thing to me was that I recently read of this case in a book of psychology written by peter schellembaum (homosexualitat im mann) and took this case as an achieved success of how sexual orientation and gender can be changed!!!  These books are still out there in bookstores shelves BEEING SOLD!

  14. i was crying at the end. such a sad story and no one should have to go through this. what a great man with such potential; his life will be an example that you simply cannot rule over nature- you are who you are.

  15. i feel so bad for the mother, she wanted the best for her children and ended up loosing them all

  16. Why in God’s holy name didn’t the mother of the castrated child sue the hospital?!!!!

    • Are you assuming that would have made a difference in the outcome for Brenda/David and the family’s happiness? (David did receive a settlement from the hospital, btw.)

    • because they destroyed his penis during the circumcision. don’t you think it’s a valid reason ?

    • because they destroyed his penis during the circumcision. don’t you think it’s a valid reason ?

  17. He sounds like a pedo when he asked about the differences between males and females to the young child @_@

  18. it really goes to show you the complete opposite…that its the person…the genetics and dna…im suprised people still think that gender identiy and homosexuality is a choice…

  19. it never fails to amaze the how stupid smart people can be

  20. Dr. Money was involved in the “experiment” but he wasn’t responsible. The responsible are ultimately the parents. Why blame the scientist that the parents contacted?

    • Umm … because they pass themselves off as the experts, ya think? … And they have a history of using their expert knowledge and status to bully, intimidate, and belittle the ‘regular joe/josephine’ into coming around to their way of thinking if the patient had, or continues to have doubts or second thoughts. What’s more, Dr. Money was putting himself out to not simply the parents as an expert in the field having access to much more sophisticated knowledge and research findings than any one of us would ever be privy to, but he was on national television and was presenting his findings internationally. What else, or who else, would you expect the parents (regular people, not researchers or even people of today who now have access to more accurate findings) to rely on? That Dr. Money was SO SURE beyond the shadow of a doubt his theory was correct and speaking this way to the parents, I’d say that’s at least a good start at laying the blame exactly where it’s warranted … on a sorely misguided ‘expert’. We were not educated, as patients, in those days to doubt the experts. And to say you were going to get a second opinion was an insult to the docs who were so up themselves, you didn’t stand a psychological chance if you were a regular person, or even one who had the guts and know-how to debate with them.

    • because if you watch the documentary you can clearly see that the mother is dimwitted, and the doctors took advantage of that.

      • Not any more dimwitted than someone who would judge her as such, or as someone who was supposed to be more than a grieving mother and ordinary person who relied on the know-how of the ‘experts’.

    • Have you read any texts by Dr. Money Frida? Maybe you should do some research before you claim he was just ‘involved’.

  21. Sadly nothing has changed and Moneys’ so called research is the basis for the protocol used in hospitals America wide to this day. If you birth an intersexed child they perform this same surgery on 2 week old infants rather then waiting until the child is older and can decide for themselves. Many then realize once the child is 5 or older that the child is not the gender they thought…and now you have a kid who’s sex and gender are opposite. This is forced transsexualism.

  22. Good thing we know more today about gender. For example, a girl is more than just a boy without a penis, and that a large part of gender identity is determined by chromozomes.
    We also know that science must be rigourous enough to refuse to coddle pet theories and professionals must not allow their egos to prevent them from doing great harm.

  23. I read the book about this story. I did not know that David had committed suicide. How chilling are those last words in this documentary.
    My condolences go out to the parents of David and Brian.
    Dr. Money: you are an asshole, and now you have proven it.

  24. This guy must of been pissed when he found out he was a boy.