Drop in the Ocean?

One of the biggest issues facing us humans today is Climate change but even still our political systems refuse to take action in order to reduce the overall damage we do. This films asks how will this change in climate affect Ireland and where does the country fit in with the overall global picture. By asking some of the leading environmental scientists, writers and activists, “Drop in the Ocean” created by Eoghan RIce and the Trocaire team sets about digging deeper into the issue at hand in hopes for a better understanding.

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  1. As for those who say the change is a natural process of earth….look at the ice cores,,….case closed. Hydrogen power should be used in every car. We should be harnessing the power of the tides ,of the building super volcano in yellow stone, every lightning bolts energy should be stored. Put solar panels on every building in the phoenix metropolis……

  2. Why doesn’t anyone ever address the flip side of the coin? We evolved a symbiotic relationship on this planet with plants….they breath in carbon, they are carbon scrubbers who release O2! How can we talk about our rising carbon levels and NEVER mention plowing down the forests to make disposable chopsticks, unnecessary wasted computer fodder paper …killing animal habits simaltaneously.

  3. Glo-bull warming is the biggest scam and attempt at tyranny of our time