Drugs, inc: Hash

A British man, known as Dave Kent has experienced the dangers of hash first-hand. An ex-smuggler imprisoned in a tough North African prison for three years, Dave provides you with an insight into the hash trade. British professor Robin Murray reveals psychological risks associated with the drug and you will also explore the medical use of this non-life-threatening substance.

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  1. i smoked hash for years when i was younger. its better than weed because it just relax you instead of making you high.

  2. If you really want to know about the effects of hash in the brain, just read the comments and reach your own conclusion.

  3. Hash is so awesome. So much better than weed. More potent. Best drug I’ve ever tried.

  4. Video was complete non sense..

  5. Speaking from long experience, Cannabis may facilitate an inner exploration of the depths of one’s consciousness and be a powerful tool for experimenting with, and gaining control of, one’s mind. It can be used not only for relaxation but also in meditation and prayer, and importantly as an aid to visualization. All of which the Powers That Be are eager to discourage (what do you think this is, Tibet?)

  6. Cannabis Saved My Life!

  7. Excellent documentary, learned alot

  8. That doctor is not even listening to that veteran. She ‘s just like “yeah yeah yeah ” before he even finishes speaking.

  9. watch this high quality video; The Union

    It’s based on reality.

  10. Quite informative though nothing that’s not been said before. Does seem that for the vast majority of users the biggest problem is the illegality. High  T.H.C. leading to more problems .Yeah, ok, ajust your dose.(pint of beer vs pint of whiskey) Some users definately suffer adverse effects from smoking, though reports suggest relatively few. Some peoples’ disposition is not compatible to T.H.C. consumption. Let’s not forget also that the world is a crazy place and that also has its effect on the human mind.

  11. All this hash is makin’ me hungry…… makin’ me hungry for some Hash.

    Hash-brownies, hash-soup, hash-cola, hash-chips, hash-flakes, hash-eggs, hash-toast, hash-mushrooms, hash-acid, hash-speed, hash-coke, hash-crack, hash-hash ………o.

  12. the biggest health risk these kind of drugs pose is the risk of getting shot because its ILLEGAL and unregulated. good thing the risk isnt as bad in the NL.

  13. The female drugs counsellor in Amsterdam evidently has a weight problem and associated health issues. Hash would be a disaster for her, with the munchies and all. Physician, heal thyself. Enter the Professor Murray claiming that the higher the THC content, the more at risk of losing one’s mind. Of course, psychotropic medications pose no risk at all … at all

  14. I don’t much care for the way this was presented. The choice of unnecessary sounds effects, voices, and descriptions seem to imply too much bias for me