Drugs, Inc: High Stakes Vegas

This documentary takes us to the heart of America’s ultimate Sin City, Las Vegas. Ever year over 40 million tourists come to this fantasy-land to gamble, party and get high. This adult oasis fuels a massive demand for illegal drugs.

This documentary takes us inside the world of the drug dealers, gangs, and the Mexican cartel traffickers who are making their millions from the tourists who flock here looking for a good time. From the VIP party host to the notorious Playboy Bloods street gang who control the crack industry in West Las Vegas, to the Mexican cartel trafficker who uses three different identities to stay under the radar of the police.

A Vegas Strip dealer reveals how much of a battleground the market is, and how bloodshed is never far away.

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  1. I think this was the video that offers the best insight to why addicts don’t “just stop.” Peter’s story put on a knew perspective. If anyone reads this, the entire Drugs Inc series is superb.