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A conflict is raging in the US. Protests, political movements and murder have taken place in the name of an unlikely ideal; clotheslines.

Tens of millions of individuals across Northern America are banned from outdoor line drying by the very communities they live in, forcing them to turn to the dryer. Homeowners who break the rules are fined, sued and even foreclosed on. This ban is not only infringing on civil rights, it’s contributing to the environmental and energy crisis. The dryer is responsible for 6% of the average household’s energy bill and it costs the US an estimated $5 billion annually.

Corporate America has sold the dryer and the consumption of electricity as a status symbol, and now they have their eyes on a much bigger prize – the world.

Our future is hanging on the line.

DRYING FOR FREEDOM reveals the story of our love affair with energy; the people who are campaigning against it, the rules society have created to sustain it and the destruction it is causing to the planet. It explores how outdoor clothes drying is been banned in countless communities across the U.S. and how these communities are fighting for their right to dry naturally. DRYING FOR FREEDOM also shows how corporate America sold its citizens the dream of electric bliss in the 1950’s. It investigates the argument that globalisation continues to promote the use of electric driers over clotheslines, signifying that our future is hanging on the line.

Having recently completed principle photography in the United States with the financial support of eco-corporation 7th Generation, the film-makers behind the project are now looking to raise the remaining funds to travel to India and document the rising change in attitudes towards energy consumption, as western ideals become increasingly used to sell domestic electrical products to the general public.

We will also be striving to bring on board enough support to navigate the film successfully through it’s post production phase, whilst purchasing the usage rights to integral video archive elements that will allow us to bring the film to market.

Those keen on supporting the project will be acknowledged greatly by the film-makers, with prestigious access to the film’s première and signed copies of the distribution DVD just a few of the gratuitous offered in return.

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