Dubai’s Luxury Life

Piers Morgan hosts this documentary on what is considered one of the most extravagant cities in the world. In only 20 years, Dubai has turned from a desert into a modern oasis.

For the majority of the film we are exposed, through Piers, into just how lavish and over-the-top Dubai is; Giant palm shaped islands seen from space, the only 7 star hotel, the world’s largest skyscraper, $50 million accommodations and 100,000 pound mobile phones, to name a few.

Led by the visionary Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid, Dubai has managed to become a utopia for those chasing a dreamlike lifestyle. Dubai nationals constitute only 1 out of 6 of the total population with the majority being professional expats or millions of cheap labor from South Asia. The film also shows the dichotomy of European foreigners enjoying their almost hedonistic extravagant lifestyle in a country guided and ruled by strict Sharia law where it is illegal to drink alcohol or kiss in public. Two cultures existing side by side as Dubai turns a blind eye to “going ons” occurring inside its private bubbles like hotels, because it simply needs its expats.

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  1. Sadly, Dubai has been built on imported Slave Labor…the exploitation of the poor from India, Afghastian, Pakistan etc….seeking to better themselves…

    Middle East has always used Slaves…Slavery is alive and well still, in the world…


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  3. Just another stupid propaganda to smear to the rest of the World’s face the ignorance of the rich ,I’ would not live there even if would be free.I’am really curious after the oil mania is over when become worthless and we will fight over clean water when you not going to have the luxury to light up the whole city because electricity will be a luxury itself.Why the Hell you need to build a ski paradise in the desert another ignorance of the Man playing God again it’s comical to me all these asshole arab elite who thinks they will be own the world and the stupid westerners who believe they can be a part of something and they don’t see they will be never exepted but only for their money Olympus has new God’s good luck

  4. It was inspiring to see the culture of Dubai, but I stopped watching because the journalist was so condescending it took over the whole programme

  5. Hey if you guys are changing the rating system, forget about it, I won’t be rating vids anymore. if you change it where I have to click another link instead of being able to rate on same page, not doing it. don’t know what gd star rating link above is but not having it. I clicked it and it stopped my video to take me to another page!? bull.