Dublin Gangland

In June 1996 reporter Veronica Guerin, was assassinated for running a fearless newspaper campaign to name and shame Dublin’s crime lords who had grown rich from flooding the city streets with drugs. Whilst the gangsters most vocal critic had been silenced her brutal murder would only expose their criminal empires and provoke an all out war with the power hungry men who had ruled the city streets for 30 years.

Dublin today is an attractive modern European city but after the second World War the newly independent nation of Ireland was struggling, thousands of families lived in appalling conditions. Two men born into this poverty would grow up to be key players in Dublin’s underworld. One was the anarchic Martin Cahill, later nicknamed “The General” and the other who is featured in this film was Christy Dunne, the head of one of Irelands most notorious families. This is the story of how these men and many others rose up the ranks to become some of the biggest figures in Gangland Ireland. лучшие порно сайты

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  1. sup pad its street

  2. firstly Dublin is the Rep of Ireland. Not part of “Gangs of Britain”. That aside this a good documentary true to word as I know it. And I do know the Irish Republican Army’s involvement was as stated. But their involvement has now somewhat changed in that regard, Something I have no respect for. Heroin ruined a lot of Irish people and still does to this day. Then it was a Dublin issue now heroin is a nationwide issue. Being from Limerick I know the absolute disregard for life the drug gang’s have and it has killed some of our innocent civilians. Again having raised it’s ugly head in Dublin our Garda Siochana must do as they did in Limerick a few years ago and stop these who kill over the proceeds of drugs with no regard for human life. If the gangs can walk in to a hotel during a boxing event full of innocent people with AK-47’s and kill (even a gang member) then our Garda Siochana need to have the weapons and rights to disregard those perpetrators life’s also in the fight for our safety. Our Garda’s know what to do,,,,,,Let them!!!!!!!!!!!