The Dyatlov Pass Case

In 1959 a group of Russian hikers decided to head out on an expedition of a mountainous region of the western Soviet Union, the group itself consisted of 9 experienced men and women, all of whom were very familiar with the Siberian wilderness yet this adventure would prove to be their last.

Despite a criminal investigation, photographs and journal entries the case to this day remains unsolved after more than half a century. This is the case of Dyatlov Pass.

This is a film by the YouTube channel LEMMiNO, they have also added a correction to one of the points mentioned in the film:

After reexamining some of the medical reports, it appears none of the hikers were intoxicated. The mistake was due to a mistranslation from Russian to English.

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  1. You’re a moron. That’s the stupidest explanation I’ve ever heard. You’re definitely a millennial.

  2. Today the menk attacked me & my friends and I shot it a lot with a minigun & a rocket launcher & it threw me about 1 mile away oh god here he comes again…

  3. Not an avalanche. Slope was far too shallow, Nice try on the stove, but evidence proved that the stove was not used that night. More likely something (It has been surmised that extreme tornado like howling winds scared them out) scared them out of the tent. You also have another problem. The two at the tree were missing most of their clothes. Those clothes were found on or near the 4 in the ravine, Likely the two at the tree died first. The 4 grabbed what clothes they could off of them and then fell into the ditch. Best guess they were separated into a couple of groups. Dyatlov, Zina and a third tried to make it back to the tent dying on the way. The others died at the Cedar or in the Ravine as a result of the fall, while heading to the woods searching for their storage shelter they had built earlier that day. great story though. Why can’t Netflix of Amazon produce a miniseries about it. Could even add various endings based on potential reasons for deaths. Orbs, missile test, KGB, Yeti, Mansi, Wind, lovers spat over the girl they all liked (Zina), stove theory, CO2, Aliens. Could be a great story to tell that is largely ignored save for that awful devil’s pass movie. Really great story here,

  4. Spoiler alert it was an avalanche.