Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Michael Mosley has set himself a truly ambitious goal: he wants to live longer, stay younger and lose weight in the bargain. And he wants to make as few changes to his life as possible along the way. He discovers the powerful new science behind the ancient idea of fasting, and he thinks he’s found a way of doing it that still allows him to enjoy his food. Michael tests out the science of fasting on himself – with life-changing results.

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  1. Notice when he and Christa are in the drive-in “pigging out” that she doesn’t really eat the burger. She takes a tentative nibble of the bun then lets it sit in her lap the whole time. 41:00
    So they don’t advocate a feeding window either. Just a fast day.

  2. 5 to 2 ratio of fasting, is the way muslims should do their voluntary weekly fasting. This is the discovery after 1400 years of Mislims being commanded to do it

  3. Benefits of fasting have been obvious for thousands of years. Religions preached it that long.
    The Almighty dollar dynasty that has ruled in recent years didn’t preach much fasting, obviously because its more about selling food and drugs.

  4. my friend and I tried this. After one month the doctor took her off her high blood pressure medication and her type 2 medication. My blood sugar and meds have become normal and in six months I have lost 31 lbs.

    • another good fringe benefit from fasting is the capacity of the body to ‘reprogram’ the taste buds so as to again enjoy healthier, simpler food..

  5. However, my discovery will make you not only live longer, but will keep you absolutely healthy all the time and because of that you will live forever – Any infections, allergies, cancers, diabetes, polio, TB, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, genetic and any other diseases, known on Earth, will be erased from the face of the planet in just a few days, if everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (just an exercise for a minute a day – the greatest discovery of all time on Earth and maybe in the Universe) – My WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – By far more powerful than the human immune system, keeping it intact all the time, for any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us – We humans will possess the Infinite Health and we will become Immortal – Just like the Extraterrestrials, like our Creators from the planet of Nibiru – The Anunnaki, if I am paid 5 billion bucks to disclose my discovery – Just 25 million bucks per country in the world – As a proof of the power of my discovery, for more than 5 years now, I never got sick even of the common cold, my blood sugar level is 300 mg/dl, but I am not sick of diabetes, for I cannot get sick of it, or of any other diseases – I am the healthiest person on the planet, I am absolutely free to eat any food I like, no restrictions whatsoever, doing my discovery for just a minute a day – The only way on Earth for everybody to stay absolutely healthy all the time and of course being Immortal, for Infinite Health = Immortality.

  6. What about vitamins, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, minerals, and trace elements? Are you saying that you do not need them as long as you just fast? I do not think so. Although, I’m not saying that intermittent fasting would not be good – I’m doing it my self right now (6 hour eating windows, and 18 hour fast), but still, I really think you need to get all the essential nutrients from your food when you do eat. I guess intermittent fasting alone is good if you compare it to a diet of french fries and donuts, but I don’t know if you compare it to a ideal diet that gets you all the nutrients, which only lags the fasting part.

    A good document still, with great points.

    • All those things would be in the normal food you eat on your eating days. Your free to eat whatever you want on those days. If you eat a diverse diet you will get them.

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  8. Here we are, a nation of fat-asses. I have the solution! Get off your ass. Stop being a lazy, no good piece of trash. Contribute to something. In the US we eat a certain way because we used to get up in the morning and work our asses off all day. The problem here is that we are weak. The entire western world is fat and weak. Get up and prepare yourselves.

    Prepare for the fight.
    Prepare to succeed.
    Prepare to sustain you way of life.

    • That’s whut I’m tawkin’ bout brother. It’s the only supplement that I use as well. For those of you who don’t know or understand what we’re talking about, the supplement is called “GOYA.” Get Off Your Ass. And it’s totally freeee. You’ll Love it. “ABS”olutely, Positively, Guaranteed. : )

  9. It is important to note here that the body does not begin to burn off fat stores until well into the second or even 3rd consecutive day of fasting. If detox and/or fat-loss is your goal, anything less than 48 hours of fasting is a waste. The period between when your body uses up the glucose in your liver and muscles and when it enters “protein saving mode” is the period that your body dissolves it’s own muscle tissue to supply sugars to the brain and red blood cells. This means with a fast of 24 hours or less on a regular basis, you are regularly losing muscle tissue and keeping fat. This is part of the reason that when you look at a community that does the kind of fasting that Muslims (for example) do, generally only the youth are fit and lean. As the body traverses adulthood, much of the muscle tissue is compromised and the fat is retained.

    If you want to fast for health benefits do some research, do it properly and fast for a minimum of 48 hours (this requires 4 days including 1 day preparation and 1 day gentile fast breaking).

    • It’s theoreticians like you that give us such gems as “the science is settled.”

      I have actually done true alternate day fasting (no food one day, 18-hour eating window the next) for four months now and lost forty pounds. I eat and drink whatever and however much I want on my eating days. I drink all the water and black coffee I want on my fasting days.

      People like you who know so much by divine revelation would be amusing if you weren’t so dangerous.

    • You’re spewing NOTHING factual here. Please look into the EOD diet (Every Other Day Diet), a 10 YEAR scientific evidence-based clinical trial involving thousands of patients, alternating fast days and feed days on weight loss and overall health program. It’s PROVEN scientifically that it works and that it burns mostly FAT, and NOT MUSCLE MASS. Please do not post false information if you’re ignorant about the subject.

    • You are correct MJL. And honestly, it takes even longer than 2 days for the body to enter into ketosis for 99% of folks. Usually it takes at least 5-7 days. You are definitely correct about losing muscle with short 2-3 day fasts. All the weight that is lost is muscle and if done regularly eventually will lead to some pretty serious issues as far as body mass is concerned.

      Fasting for that short amount of time will strengthen the blood and clean up some surface level stuff, but it will not get into the deep tissues like a good 21 day water only fast would do.

    • So, mjl, are you saying that this video isn’t correct, that Michael Mosley didn’t lose more than a stone (14 lbs for Americans), didn’t see improvement in his igf-1, LDL, glucose, total cholesterol, that his body fat measurement didn’t go from the obese range to the normal range?

      It appears that 5:2 did all those things for Michael Mosley. If you have alternate research, please post links.

  10. I follow the philosophy and practices of the Essenes, they taught the benefits of a weekly one day fast … 2,000. years ago.

  11. Freddy, I have been eating whole plant based food (much of it raw) for over 30 years now. I drink a lot of water and I am active, a hiker, exercising and riding my bike. And yet, I have a lot of fat in the midriff area of my body and despite increasing my activities and looking after my diet I could not loose weight! Your answer may not be everybody’s answer, furthermore you put down people! You may have a brain but not the answer!

    • That just tells me you are eating the wrong things and too much. You can be a fat, unhealthy vegan. Don’t blame the diet and exercise when it’s not done properly.

  12. the post by the Muslim lady about fasting is laughable… I know plenty of Muslims and while fasting during the day (as long as sun is up) during Ramadan, everybody stuffs themselves with any food they desire as soon as the sun sets… I do understand, still not easy and silly, unhealthy manners of fasting (no water, or any fluid during the day which is crazy in the Australian summer!). What’s the point?

    • its purpose is not weight loss , it has spiritual benefits. it would best serve two purposes if you ate well after as well. Muslims don’t fast to diet.

  13. Guess the food industry will hate him forever (both health food and junk food companies) , if this method adopted nationwide, 28% less food will be consumed lol

  14. He interviewed Fauja Singh bcs he is amarathon runner at the age of 101 ! And I dont think that many people can claim to be that. And many Hindus fast all over the world for many days throughout the year . So please don’t make it about religion. Mr Fauja deserves respect 🙂

  15. Yasmine , He interview Fauja Singh bcs he is amarathon runner at the age of 101 ! And i dont think any people can claim to be that. And many Hindu all over the world for many days throughout the year . So please dont make it about religion. Mr Fauja deserves respect 🙂

  16. I agree with Jasmine , we as Muslims have been doing it for ages , it would have been good if he covered this part as-well. As we do it one month in the year from sunrise to sunset, how does that benefit the body health.

    • He should have covered n researched the Isalmic way of fasting (it wouldn’t have been about religion) also since its the closest to 5:2 diet by fasting on mondays and thursdays from dawn till dusk, and its not even extreme, millions of muslims all over the world do it each week.

      • Plus, one cannot drink water during Ramadan. This isn’t healthy. And most Muslims eventually binge at night because they do suffer from hunger and they get obsessed with food. I’ve lived in several Muslim countries and I’ve met few people who were genuinely feeling happy to fast. Most were complaining all day, manipulating food (market -souq-, cooking), sleeping (to spend the time!) and right before the end of the fast, some would fight in the streets and a lot of people would light a cigarette up first thing after the prayer announcing the end of the fast. A lot of people would even eat secretly or pretend they were sick/on their period/pregnant to eat (and “forget” to catch up those days after the Ramadan period, as they should) So please, stop your proselytism!!

      • Isn’t the Ramadan fast only a 12-hour (depending on which country/time of year you are in) fast? It is not a caloric-restriction fast. It is religious and ceremonial, rather than done for health benefits.

        It would be not much different from someone who has dinner at 7am and then wakes up for breakfast at 8am. I would compare the physical effect with going to another time zone (like flying from India to the USA) and then having your body adapt.

  17. My husband and I began this in April and it is the easiest thing you will ever do to loss weight and feel great. I have dropped 30 lbs and my husband 27. We do Monday & Tuesdays as our days. This is something I can life with and not put the weight back on. If in doubt JUST DO IT! you can do anything for 2 days and the results are amazing!!

  18. My wife and I saw this video in late April 2013. We went on the alternate day fast, which has become more of a five-two diet plan rather than the alternate day fast. Results have been a 27 and 17 lb weight loss with significant health benefits as confirmed by blood tests. It has been the easiest, most rewarding results we have ever obtained. To this date, we have not added any additional exercise or diet change, except, we have added three to five weekly servings of a whole grain heirloom barley. Seriously, look at the video and pay attention to the change in the IGF1 result from the different fasting methods. I feel this could revolutionize our way of life and improve the health and well-being of all who find the benefits of fasting.

  19. Hi all, You could have carried out a terrific task. I’m going to certainly yahoo the item along with our see recommend to help my girlfriends. I’m sure they shall be taken advantage of your blog.

  20. The guy in the beginning who ate apple skins etc is miserable and totally boring !!!
    Do we really want to be so thin and so miserable me devoid of personality ?
    Go have a cheeseburger thin boring guy

  21. I never understood why people would prefer to intermittently starve themselves so they can keep eating bad food full of saturated fat and such (i.e. meat and dairy) – when you can get better results and more health without ever having to go hungry (fasting = depriving the body of sustenance) by simply adopting a whole foods plant-based diet – just ditch the animal products and processed garbage and the problem is solved. So simple. If you want to be truly healthy with effectively healthy eating habits listen to Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell, etc. They don’t say you need to fast, they say you need to eat right. Healthy food can also taste good if you have a brain. If you have a brain, you can figure out how to prepare the food so it satisfies your taste buds. Whole food, plant-based food. Good luck!

    • I’m actually doing both. I’m an ethical vegan who ate a lot of junk food and I’ve gotten progressively fatter. Now that I do 5:2, my cravings are completely gone so I can really eat what I want to eat instead of NEEDING to eat the chips and beer that I couldn’t stay away from before. Now on my eating days my only requirements are to have a huge salad and a loaded green smoothy. Other than that I eat what I want, and what I usually want is lovely baked tofu and veggies, or a gorgeous bean-heavy chili, or crackers and home-made vegan cheese.

      It’s given me such a gift that I will tell everyone about 5:2 who cares to listen. Paired with WFPB eating, I feel that it has really freed me.

    • As much as i liked and was intrigued by the China study the findings mentioned in the book left out some details about the experimental mice and their conditions if you research a little further. Although I do agree with more whole plant based diets the credibility of that book and the author were gone with more research.

    • Well, Freddy, as nice as it is of you to say that people who eat animal products don’t have brains, you’re the dumb one here; people have different preferences and their bodies react differently to different diets. Cool for you that you like a plant-based diet, but that makes me feel sick and weak — and no, you can’t convince me otherwise, I was a vegan ((with a nutritionist) for 2 years and constantly felt awful. Your response is rude, condescending, and unhelpful. Maybe you should try considering the perspective of others before you dole out what you believe to be an absolute solution.

      • Read Lights Out, Sleep Sugar and Survival for info on being a vegan or vegetarian. Essential fatty acids, are well essential for cell function. (esp. brain function.) Try to find 1 civilization that was/is purely vegetarian, (without supplements) None.

        • Read scientific journals and long-term studies to see how important a WFPB diet is.

          • Adam and Ever is your reply to the challenge “Try to find 1 civilization that was/is purely vegetarian, (without supplements)”

            I don’t even have to ask if you’re american. Please don’t breed…

          • Oh come now good Sir or Miss,

            Science is exactly like religion.

            They both believe, theorize (wishful thinking) that the World started at one point with the interaction of an imaginary process that instantly brought our universe into existence… at least the religious give us 6 days.. scientists would have us believe (wishful thinking, fantasy, theory) that it was done in less than a second…. crazier than the sun worshiping crazies ey…)

            Light – was created by a creator being (Bible and Scientific THEORY agree) out of nothing and scientist can’t explain it, or how it cam into existence… at least religion has an entertaining story…

            Dark matter (the firmament) — religion…The firmament in religion was brought into being THEY BELIEVE by a higher being that organized it.

            Dark Matter (the glue of the universe THEORY)– science.. Have no idea what it is but THEY BELIEVE it came about by some process of energy during the big bang and that holds everything together like some invisible crazy glue, (theory..fantasy..wishful thinking).

            So please, when you put down religion my good sir or miss, don´t forget that THEORY and BELIEF is RAMPANT in Scientific Dogma and the science starts off with an imaginary force bringing all things into existence… (sound familiar?)

            Have good day sir… but us “society in general” i humbly presume (well i didn’t vote for you), does not need YOU as self entitled spokesperson for the rest of humanity… how delusional can you get?

            Have a good day you myth breeding and fantastical story telling “scientists”.

          • This poor Elizabeth girl is blind and following the masses. It’s laughable that she thinks because she followed the advice of a nutritionist for 2 years that she was doing something right with the plant based diet she was following. These people. No wonder so many folks are unhealthy. They don’t have a friggin clue.

  22. In response to a alarming medical diagnosis almost 6 years ago, I adopted a macrobiotic diet, and effectively calorie restricted to +/- 1,800 calories per day, vegetables and whole grains, with occasional fish. No dairy. No sugar or sugar substitutes. Minimal saturated fats. I also started to practice a vigorous style of Yoga. The results have been phenomenal. Total cholesterol dropped from 210-240 to 150. Blood pressure, previously treated with meds, came to be naturally controlled. Weight dropped over 6 months from 185 lbs to 135 lbs. BMI is now just over 19. Health is improved on all fronts. At 63, I feel better than I did at 53 and have more energy/vitality. I encourage all who have concern for their health to adopt a seriously healthy lifestyle. The rewards are many!

  23. It is astonishing that the documentary maker met with a sikh family in the beginning of the film to ask about the secret of their health but when he hit upon the two day a week fast as the best formula did nor consider interviewing one of the millions of muslims who do just that: fast voluntarily mondays and thursdays as mohammed peace be upon him did his whole life and recommended his followers to do.

    • I live in a majority muslim neighborhood and I can assure you that regardless of fasting, the general diet of the people in my neighborhood, (and the mostly muslim neighborhood I lived in in Switzerland, and the mostly muslim neighborhood I lived in in France, and the mostly muslim neighborhood I lived in in Germany etc.) consists of extremely low quality food and from a dietary standpoint, is severely unhealthy. Muslim fasting has nothing to do with health at this point and regardless of what Muhammad (<——correct spelling) recommended, most religions in our current society including Islam are completely removed from their original intent and purpose and consist of masses of people living by the misinterpretations and/or lies of others. Sikhs are vegetarian as a rule and eat a very, very healthy diet and this film is not about religion, it's about health through diet, or the absence thereof.

    • Yasmine , He interviewed Fauja Singh bcs he is a marathon runner at the age of 101 ! And i dont think many people can claim to be that. And many Hindu all over the world fast for many days throughout the year . So please don’t make it about religion. Mr Fauja deserves respect 🙂

      • Hi everyone , i dont think it wud have been about religion if he had covered the mondays n thursdays fasting style of muslims , altho people of other religions fast too but muslim’s way of mondays and thursdays each week is the best example of 5:2 diet, and not extreme either only fasting from dawn till dusk, would have been nice if he researched on that too. compared results

  24. David, It is two nonconsecutive days. I usually do Mon/Wed, but sometimes vary. It doesn’t seem to matter.

  25. On this IF program, do I need to fast 2 days in a row/consecutively or any 2 days of the week to get the benefits ?

    • i think the latter..
      i do this on a regular non-consistent basis & is the one thing i credit with keeping me more or less on line with a more accepted body weight for my age/height..

  26. I began IF on M/W/F about two years ago, in response to terrible asthma symptoms (in other words, inflammation) and high cholesterol numbers – I was determined to get off the inhalers and to never go on the cholesterol drugs. In short, IF works! Both conditions have cleared out of my system completely. Whether this is coincidental to the IF or not, all that matters to me is, I can breathe freely again, I am not at risk for heart disease and I have dropped 23 lbs. I have given up processed foods and eat a whole-foods diet, and while not a strict vegetarian, animal protein is not the largest portion on my plate. I am not obsessed with organics and I am not a fanatic determined to walk up to the overweight people I see every day and explain the solution to their food problems. I just wish that everyone – everyone – would try it for just a few weeks. To the last person, they would be amazed and convinced by the positive results. Exercise is beneficial in its own ways, but not necessarily for weight loss. You cannot exercise off the calories packed into an excessive diet. What you can do, is to eat less,to eat better, and to eat intermittently. Feeling hungry is not a bad thing, when you know you can enjoy food tomorrow, and benefit from the IF every day.

  27. I only wish I could view it, it won’t
    play in Windows 8/64 bit

  28. I began this on Thursday. I will give myself the same eight weeks. Wish me well.

  29. Interesting documentary. Wonder if the two days of fasting must be contiguous. I need to do SOMETHING. Not sure if I could pull off a two-day fast, though. I like to eat. A lot.

  30. Wooo daft punk for ever!

  31. Someone keeps *&^%ing with the aspect ratio during this film.

  32. off-topic: somebody really went mad with some piece of video editing software during this film, It was a bit annoying frankly.

  33. Good for people trying to find their goals in health, be it loosing weight, feeling better, repairing a diseased state or what ever.
    Please be mindful though, of your comments you are posting on here as hundreds of people will view them. Dear Lucy writes well until she exposes the mindset in what is described as treats and non junk foods.
    Treats (as foods) should be given as they are described for that reason. To treat (gift) the body as a thank you. Not vise versa. The mind set needs to change here.
    Treats are better utilised with your favorite berries or alike, nutrient dense.

    Look at sausage rolls as rotten animal part left overs with many additives wrapped in white flour – another poisonous food product.
    Find out what real food is, eat it and be gracious with each bite.
    Fast when your body tells you to.
    Listen to the body as it speaks the truth – unless drugged.
    Fasting I hope everyone understands, means to stop. This means resting digestinve track, body and mind. Water only as asked by the body. Fasting needs to be taught and supervised.
    Go for it & best of luck.

    • Excellent points! I know this comment’s more than a year old, but I just saw this documentary last night. I thought it was pretty good, for the most part. I was always a moderately healthy eater and a very active cyclist. I don’t eat much junk. I’ve recently discovered I’m gluten intolerant and as I approach 50, pre-diabetic. Diabetes runs rampant on my father’s side of the family. November, last year, I consulted a health coach about upgrading my life with diet. I’ve been drinking vegetable juice and eating nuts for breakfast, almost entirely plant based, and a lot of raw foods, with the exception of the weekends and then I would have eggs and potatoes. I don’t eat any refined sugars or grains and whole foods only. I used to have major drops in blood sugar, leading me to binge eat. Now, I don’t have those problems at all.

      The reason I thought the documentary wasn’t all great was because of the 5/2 diet. It sounded to me, like Dr. Mosley was given license to eat whatever he wants during the 5 days, as long as he stuck to the 600 calories the other 2 days. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t remember him discussing what the amazing 101 year old man ate. I know he said he ate small portions, but of what? I know what was said about the fasting and what it does for our brains. But, there has to be some emphasis on a well rounded diet.

      • He confirmed his results with blood work on 2 non consecutive days fasting per week in his book. It is based on the PhD in Chicago’s research.

  34. I have tried many diets in the past to shift some of my unwanted weight due to over indulging. I watched this documentary and thought I would give it a try as I have heard from family and friends that it really works… I have lost nearly a stone in under 2 weeks. I know that when you have more to loose it falls off you in the first two weeks but no other diet, weight watchers, slimming world, cambridge, slim fast, atkins, boots etc has ever worked for me before, I would only ever loose 2Ibs a week from eating hardly anything and id feel tired and weak. It is right what Michael says, after the fasting days you tend to be very careful with what you eat on the ‘food’ days and for me its because the progress has been so uplifting that I don’t want to spoil it and for the first time getting to my goal weight doesn’t seem hard or that far away. I feel much more energetic and healthy through eating the right foods and through fasting, I am hardly hungry at all when I eat my 1 main meal a day fasting (I prefer to save all of the calories up). I don’t miss eating rubbish either, I treat myself but instead of having 3 small sausage rolls id have one and then not pick anything else. I have been fasting every other day instead of the 5:2 which is probably why I have lost so much quickly. But to anyone crying out to loose some weight quickly and safetly, or to improve health… just give this a try. I still have 2 stone to go untill my goal weight but 2 weeks ago I had 3 stone and felt depressed and groggy, now I am excited about hitting my next goal which is another stone gone by christmas! Good luck everyone, trust me if I can do it you can.

  35. Sounds like a great idea even for people with healthy numbers. Another great health preserver ..thanks for the share

  36. i agree strongly with this doco… fasting is a great way to preserve your health.. there is thousands of studies which prove so.. just trying it on yourself is a great way of testing the theory of eating smaller portions of food/fasting.. you feel shit-loads better and meat drops off you like a braised pork hock..