Ebola: The Search for a Cure

Nobody really knows where the Ebola virus comes from but whats even scarier is the fact that his recent outbreak is the worst Ebola epidemic the world has ever seen, with the current death toll claiming more lives than all previous outbreaks combined. Efforts to contain the virus appear to be failing, but there is hope.

In this episode of Horizon we meet the medics on the frontline and follows the scientists racing to find a cure for one of the most dangerous killers on Earth. This is an extraordinary story of bravery and determination against a deadly enemy.


The Ebola virus. No-one knows exactly where it comes from but one thing is certain – it’s one of the most virulent infections known to science. This special episode of Horizon meets the scientists and doctors from all around the world looking for the cure and hears first-hand accounts of what it’s actually like to catch – and survive – this terrible disease. 

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