EDL Girls: Dont Call Me Racist

The English Defense league or EDL, is a notorious far right, racist, street movement who’s protests often end in violence. After the brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, May 2013 the EDL’s ranks multiplied five times because this attack was viewed as one perpetrated by Islamic extremists by many. A large number of the people joining the EDL however are women, who call themselves the “EDL angles” and since last summer BBC Three have been following them on the frontline. This is their story and why they joined.

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  2. Of course Hrodberht uses the same flawed thinking as Sean; in (rightly) condemning him for lumping all muslims together, he was lumping all americans together with their govt ;>

    USA has a minority of muslim nutcases that have done horrific things, too, so it’s not a UK thing.

    Allowing Shiara law to have any legal bearing is another matter entirely.

  3. Wow. I don’t know where to start.

    1. Muslims are not insane. Extremists and fanatics could fall under that category but apart from being tiny minorities I’ll say more on that in point 5.

    2. Our wonderful country is sick of the EDL, sick of the benefit scrounging, drunken drug dealing football hooligans thinking they are at the forefront of a righteous battle when it is actually the complete opposite.

    3. The EDL are racist degenerates and I am English not Chicagoan so here I have experience and you do not – I live amongst them day in day out.

    4. The Americans are not our fathers or brothers in arms and we do not share these wonderfully fantastic relations you seem to allude to here. The only connection we have right now is the same self serving bankers and politicians claiming to have such.

    5. Most English are seething right now at your clear and undeniable aggression against Russia with your support of Nazis in Ukraine and Terrorists in Syria. They don’t think much of your penchant for dropping iron on women and children in order to spread democracy and freedom either which brings me back to point 1. How pissed would you be if I dropped a B52 payload on your family home because your government would not trade oil in dollars?

    6. 20 fanatical pissed of Muslims gathering to shout abuse on megaphones does not warrant a nationwide assembly of the scum of society smashing windows in a drunken rampage. Most Muslims do not fall for that shit because they have more brains than Americans.

    7. The English will never fall for your call to arms. Not even the parents of Lee Rigby fell for that shit. They banned the EDL from hijacking an utter tragedy and using it for their own disgusting ‘white is right’ mentality.

    8. Don’t come here telling the English what they should or shouldn’t do or to piss off until you sort out your own country out. The lying thieving scum who carried out numerous REAL INVASIONS after 9/11 which was bullshit BTW and the shit storm they are dragging the world into you moron.

  4. I cant believe how British people are helping the Muslims force their insanity on them. The EDL is sick of watching their wonderful country disappear. There is always going to b e some unwanted elements that flock to any racial or religious protests. This doesn’t make all the EDL members racists. Im a Chicagoan,USA and I love the British people. We are Father and son. Brothers in arms and I hate seeing how one sided this issue is in London. Its okay for Muslim Patrols to harass the Brits but god forbid they protest the overwhelming invasion of their country. Ignorance is bliss indeed. If any Brits dont like how the EDL is doing their protests than gather your own people into a protest for the right to exist as English people living in GREAT BRITAIN. Or continue railroading the EDL and watch your country disappear. Sadly some Brits think its okay for these Muslims to do this in London. I say try to do the same thing in any Muslim country. See what happens to you. Wake up and get behind your fellow countrymen. Otherwise piss off and shut your mouths.

    • Sean is as ignorant as the EDF ignoramuses. What a weak argument, “Sadly some Brits think its okay for these Muslims to do this in London. I say try to do the same thing in any Muslim country. See what happens to you”. Oh, so now you’re saying Brits should be JUST LIKE THEM. Dumbass hypocrite.

      • Exactly – there is no doubt that an extremist Muslim is right now probably trying to rally support for violence in his local area somewhere, I don’t mean this as a reflection on Muslims in general I say it only because I really want to know what is the difference between that guy and this guy Sean? I sincerely hope people educate themselves by using the Internet for good rather than soaking up the crap they read and watch through Mainstream Corporation Thought Broadcasters and using the Internet only to spread their misguided hate. If a call to arms is going out it should be to fight the good fight and combat ignorance.