Edmund Kemper: In His Own Words

With the release of Netflix new series entitled Mindhunter there has been a resurgence of interest in one particular serial killer who is depicted throughout, his name is Edmund Kemper or ‎The CoEd Killer. This film manages to combine two interviews together with a sprinkle of dramatisation to give us great insight into Ed’s mind and the motives which lay behind his crimes.

If you have seen Mindhunter you will be familiar with a lot of what is said in these interviews as they heavily influenced the dialog scripted for his character. The first interview was recorded in 1984 and the second is from 1991.

We quickly learn of the root cause for Kemper’s hatred towards women, his mother. At the age of 9 Kemper witnessed his parents go through a rough divorce. Now stuck living with his two sisters and mother, Clarnell, he is the victim to much psychological abuse much of which comes directly from his mother who constantly belittled Kemper on account of his size and mocks his ‘weirdo’ personality.

His mother increasingly enforced the ‘fact’ that no woman will ever love him, teaching him to hate himself, but as a result it was everyone else Kemper started to hate, especially women.

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