Educating Black Boys

Tony Harris takes a personal look at Baltimore’s inner city and an education system that has failed black Americans.

Baltimore, Maryland has come to be known as ‘Charm City’ because of its harbor, which attracts a vibrant nightlife and thriving tourism business. But just beyond the harbor’s calm waters is one of the toughest and most violent inner cities in the US.

Baltimore is also home to Harris and he takes us on an up close and personal journey to his old neighborhood to witness the challenges facing black youth today as they struggle to get out of the dead end of life on inner city streets.

Most of the crime in Baltimore is committed by black males with other blacks as victims, making black males an easy target for the police.

And many believe that the stereotyping of black kids starts at an early age in the US – as early as grade school. In this film, Harris examines how the education system has failed black boys and reflects upon why he managed to make it out successfully while so many of his friends did not.

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  2. This doc has some interesting interviews with educational specialists, judges and the mayor of Baltimore, and the mother of one boy who is considered to be at high risk for failure in his school system. The story is narrated by a successfull black (journalist?) who came from the same crumbling neighborhood.
    I think some of the children in these neighborhoods don’t stand a chance from day one, long before they get to school age.
    Teachers are not phsycologists or social workers. They cannot undo the damage that has already started from the day these kids were born.
    Many people who grew up poor make something of themselves because someone close to them has set a good example, they walk the talk.
    If a parent loves to read and there are books in the house they can pass on their love of reading naturally.
    If all children, male or female, were given self-esteem and were very much wanted by their parents, wouldn’t they be more likely to think for themselves and want to challenge themselves?
    If girls and boys received enough guidance at home, wouldn’t they be less likely to sleep with the first opportunity who came along? At the very least, wouldn’t they know how neccesary birth control was so they wouldn’t end up poor, under-educated and ill-equipped to provide a good life for a child of their own?
    Mind you, girls from all walks of life have been knocked up . It happens everyday.
    No matter how hard these single women work to provide for their children, they can’t always be THERE to enforce rules, dicipline and participate in activities. I have to give them credit though, because they’re hopefully doing their best, unlike the nonexistent fathers.
    But there’s always going to be irresponsible people who crank out babies and then blame everyone else for their problems. They will live in crappy neighborhoods with others in the same boat and the cycle will go on and on.
    And to think Mitt Romney wanted to make birth control illegal.
    Can you imagine?

  3. This program highlights one of the very real contradictions in the American Public Education system … all with one foundation – money … more minorities (AA Males) are placed in special ed programs in urban city districts #1) because they are “worth more” $$ if they contain 3 or 4 different educational “labels” .. under fed guidelines, a “triple threat” (educational admin jargon) is a minority, special ed, coming from a disadvantage (single home or lower SES) .. that’s three distinct labels ..each with more money per pupil than the average “suburban white kid” the very system that is calling this a travesty is very much a cause of the problem as well … additionally, on a social level, why do so many single women of minority chose to continue a cycle of single parenthood? why dont they choose to behave responsibility if they are going to do adult behavior like sleep with every man on the street ?? with as much free birth control available for reproductive purposes, why continue the cycle and then cry the “single mom cry” heck, birth control isnt even free for women who genuinely need it for medicinal purposes..and, unfortunately, law enforcement is going to watch more closely at AA Males bc statistics show that is where the crime … sure crime is committed by others by the majority of crime (even without racial profiling) is committed by young AA Males … it is sort of a “what comes first the chicken or the egg? ” contraction …this whole program is sad reality but a big contradiction too

  4. Yep, it’s always someone else “failing” blacks.

    Of course, it’s never the blacks failing. Nope, never.

    Admit it. There’s nothing but chaos, destruction, and abject failure wherever blacks congregate in statistically significant numbers. It’s time to call a spade a spade and do what wise men have always advocated, i.e., write off this failure of a race and limit the damage they cause as much as possible.

    The solution? Segregation at the very least, repatriation and permanent confinement to Mama ‘Freaka ideally.

    • Interesting comment(s). Repatriate you say. Hmm…And where shall the white race repatriate to? Since as far back as the HIStory goes, all the FIRST inhabitants of what you call home, used to be of ABORIGINAL descent..NOT europeans. So if you’re going to suggest repatriating the black race, I suggest you send every race back to their homeland.

      • Repatriation of blacks to Africa for the purpose of protecting the civilizable portions of humanity from their predations and general worse-than-uselessness is a good idea.

        Segregating whites in their native Europe, OTOH, would deny the rest of humanity the fruits of white civilization — i.e., pretty much everything we call the modern world. Not a good idea, at least from the standpoint of non-whites.

    • I’m a black woman and I agree. I think we should have remained segregated — research black wall street. I’m never offended by people like him because at least he’s showing who he is.

    • I don’t like to see anyone put down regardless of color. You know you couldn’t say that to their face. You would be afraid. You are just another coward.

    • ignorant moron.