Egypt’s Lost Queens

Ancient Egypt, a rich history that lasted for over 6,000 years. The lives and deaths of its leading characters still fascinate us to this day and when we visit museums featuring exhibitions on this period of our history we typically encounter monumental statues of monumental men but where exactly are all the women of ancient Egypt?

The most famous of these women is of course Cleopatra The Great but most of the images we have of her  are in coin form and even at that, what about all the female leaders who came before her? In this film we see historian, Joann Fletcher take it upon herself to dig a little deeper and discover who these women were.

It might come to you as a surprise but the ancient Egyptians were unique in their attitude to sexual equality with women holding the title of ‘Pharaoh’ no fewer than 18 times while there were also female doctors, tutors, prime ministers and priestesses. This fact makes Fletcher’s quest all the more interesting as we clearly have been overlooking these great historical figures.


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  1. Once again “Pumpkin Head” in her dirty black suit grimaces at history as we know it and reveals another conspiracy of men against women…. What will she discover this time ?

  2. Wonderful info on the most inspiring Ancient Egyptian women.