Einstein’s Equation of Life and Death


The equation showed that mass and energy were related and that one could, in theory, be transformed into the other. But because the speed of light squared is such a huge number, it meant that even a small amount of mass could potentially be converted into a huge amount of energy. Ever since the discovery of radioactivity in the late 19th century, scientists had realised that the atomic nucleus could contain a large amount of energy. Einstein’s revolutionary equation showed them, for the first time, just how much there was.

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  1. doesn’t work

  2. Rather than explain e=mc2 beyond defining e,m, and c, the documentary focuses on the story of the nuclear bomb, in docudrama fashion. A wasted chance to educate.

  3. An outstanding doc, one of the best that I have seen. Very interesting & infomative. The story of E=MC², Einstein & how it shows us the story of creation & how it can be used as a weapon of destruction.

  4. the story of how einstien’s equation e=mc squared, as well as lead to the destruction of hiroshima and nagasaki and also the fundamental understanding of how space-time beginned… its very very awesome.. i loved it form big bang to 2012 (i mean from beginning to end)..