Elisa: The Documentary

In mid February 2013, the Cecil hotel of Los Angeles received complaints of a peculiar dark tinge to the hotels drinking water. People described how it had a funny taste and a strange odour. One guest even detailed how “the shower was was awful, when you turned the tap on the water was coming black first for two seconds”.

A maintenance worker was sent to investigate the tanks located on the roof of the building, when he lifted the steel lid of one of the rear tanks he received the shock of a lifetime as what he found inside was the bloated, naked body of Elisa Lam.

The cause of death was ruled an accident by the police but the bizarre circumstances of it attributed to Elisa’s struggle with bipolar disorder. However in the following months and years many have been left unsatisfied with this conclusion seeing many amateur investigators from across the globe suggesting an array of theories which dispute the judgment of the Los Angeles police department.

As a result the mysterious death of Elisa Lam has turned into something of an internet meme, with some sensationally describing it as “the most mysterious case of the 21st century”.  This film aims to tell a more humanised story of the intelligent and passionate young woman who sadly lost her life.

This film is brought to you by the YouTube channel The Paranormal Scholar.

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  1. knowing the place we can do anytime greatest level taking the world one world…

  2. Why is her phone never once mentioned???? There was a police interview detailing that her phone was used after her body was found, sharing “The Hermit” tarot card … since this documentary all info of her phone has disappeared????

  3. Elisa Lam’s old Formspring page has been archived online –

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  5. So typical of people desperate for attention and lacking any real evidence…they reach for some paranormal ‘answer’. You said at the start you would treat this lady’s story with respect, then proceed to dance about on her grave with your childish notions! Shame on you! The poor girl was murdered. Quite clearly, she is trying to get the elevator door to close. Better to come up with some extreme explanation though. Sometimes reality is so mundane…

  6. The cemetery coincidence mentioned is very odd. Here is a video detailing the coincidence, and the pinned comment is an excellent explanation –

  7. So boring and meandering that I couldn’t make it passed ten minutes.

  8. bling without delay

  9. WTF is this bitch babbling about…??? She needs to go get on some anti psychotics ASAP

  10. This has to be one of the worst documentaries I have seen. Leaps in logic that any suicide jumper would be proud of, inane statements and connections more tenuous than the filmmakler’s grasp of the English language

  11. Any “oder” would be strange.