Elliot Rodger: The Virgin Killer

Friday May 23rd 2014, a night of horror in the small west coast community of Isla Vista, using a knife, machetes and three semi-automatic hand guns, Eliot Rodger goes on a hate filled killing spree. This spree resulted in six people being murdered and left many injured before Rodger eventually turned one of the guns on himself. Rodger had planned what he called his “Day of Retribution” with great care over many months and this documentary film by Channel 4 attempts to get a better understanding of his thought process by analysing the videos and manifesto he uploaded before committing this crime. They also interview witnesses, victims families and experts to gain insight into his world.

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  1. lol what a faggot damn

  2. The problem in this country is that there is no interest in treating the mentally ill. It’s way too expensive.

  3. You can’t dodge the Rodg. I blame his parents for creating and inflating his snowflake persona. Being awkward and weird is one thing; believing you deserve something is quite another, wanting to kill because you don’t get what you deserve is yet another. I can almost hear his !d!ot father repeatedly telling him how much tail he was gonna get at school after giving him that ludicrous car.

    • I actually have some empathy for him. I don’t think he was truly a narcissistic snowflake. I think it was just the opposite. He had an inferiority complex and this narcissism was front and a defense.There are kids who are made to feel socially unaccepted and alienated by their peers their entire lives.

      To some degree the alienation is real, but it also becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.It takes a tough person to get over it and adjust normally. It only becomes worse when they get old enough to like girls. Nice guys do finish last. Awkwardness becomes anger and resentment. At a certain point, you get tired of finishing last.

      The bottom line is, he wasn’t strong enough to hack it. Society expects you to be sane by the time you reach adulthood.I wish he would have just taken some of his money and bought a hooker and learned to get over his awkwardness.

  4. I read the title wrong thinking he killed virgins. I watched it anyway, good but tragic.

  5. what even

  6. this is beyond words

  7. Sierra Swartz manages to say ‘like’ about 15x per sentence…

  8. You know how some people go through life wearing a big sign around their neck that says “Kick the Shit Out of Me”? Yeah, Elliot Rodgers was one of them.

    And while I enjoyed this documentary, I do feel like it’s kind of giving Rodgers what he wanted; fame and celebrity status.

  9. You can start with Goethe’s ‘the sorrows of young werther’, Schopenhauer’s idea that our only purpose on earth is to survive, and exist. The themes mentioned before are millennia old, these are just new digitised copies.

  10. Love,life and tragedy are not new themes. What this young man did is unacceptable. What he is experiencing is constant imagined rejection. He doesn’t realise that in the real world particularly in the world of seduction and dating, Hollywood and pornography are the only role models, because of the absence of a healthy role model.
    Go to seduction community websites, and you will find thousands of lonely, frustrated, dis-empowered men who are hemmed in by perceived social parameters.
    Being sexually aware and aroused is inherent in all of us.
    What elliot is expressing is a kind of existential angst, misunderstood perception and the reality that dating and seduction is often not about flowers, poetry and being a gentleman.
    The reality is often, but not always, Alpha male behaviour, confidence, assertiveness, ambition and the ability to approach women and engage with them. Often that is the only way to get one’s needs met.
    It seems that most people live in a disney fantasy world, or who meet potential mates through social circles.
    I am sure if the subject was taken aside and role modelled by a mature masculine male, who has passed through the hard to locate rites of passages, that used to exist prior to modernity.
    Post feminism has given them empowerment that they sometimes abuse, by rejecting males with vicious, unnecessary, self fulfilling backhanded words, living by the motto handed down to them by their own role models: its cool to be a bitch, and rejecting men is a fun sport.
    Most young men adapt and accept, realise the truth, or their own goals in life and leave the brutal cold dating game to the full timer’s.
    I am in no way trying to justify or explain away this young man’s crimes, he killed innocent people and that is morally abhorrent.
    I am just commenting on the nature and reality of the gender issues, male sexuality, post feminism and the loss of initiation.
    Initiation in tribal culture took young men away from their mother’s bosom and taught them very important lessons. 1. death is inevitable. 2. Do not fear, because death and suffering is inevitable. 3. Learn to live without your mother’s approval, as this makes you weak and traps you in a cycle of constant approval seeking and affection seeking which cannot be fulfilled by another, only by rites of passage and being a man (not a man boy which currently populate the earth full of muscles, ego, unnecessary competitiveness and violence for it’s own sake.
    This video/doco merely highlights the issues that must be addressed as victims and perpetrators alike will continue to harm and wreak havoc.

  11. The previous commenter’s show a lack of balance, critical thinking and fortitude. you’ll surely score points with the herd, but thats all.
    Your ignorance of the wider and deeper issues underlying and over-arching this story also reveal your lack of insight and intelligence.
    I can picture you with one hand on your dick the other on the mouse as you wank to violent fantasies. Or at least you enjoy american blockbuster’s that are filled to the brim with overflowing indiscriminate violence at the hands of nation states, swallowing the big chanel tasting turd dished up on network news that extremist’s are ok to murder – including innocent women and children.
    In other words you’re shallow backwards hypocrites who post comments that frighten enlightened folks who fear your vigilante mob justice. jury and executioner.
    Full points for being safe and boring.

  12. what a turd of a human. it’s a shame he didn’t just off himself and chose to take innocent lives…
    btw this documentary gives the guy way too much sympathy, which is something no mass murderer deserves. he was a selfish narcissistic privileged white boy that didn’t understand he had a loathsome personality… why kill over that? why kill over anything?

    • cause you arent him. if you were him you would have a different perception.

    • But-but-but women wouldn’t have SEX with him! For some reason they aren’t attracted to rabid misogynists who fantasize about raping them and putting them into concentration camps. It’s all so unfair!