End of Liberty

‘End of Liberty’ was made possible by thousands of NIA members who submitted their warning signs that a societal collapse is near. Each of these warning signs on their own may not have a lot of meaning, but together they paint a complete picture of America’s dismal future. NIA believes ‘End of Liberty’ is a must see for all Americans who want to survive the upcoming currency crisis and collapse of civilization that will occur as a result of hyperinflation.
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  1. no wonder thousands of people don’t want to visit the US by the time you go through US customs it will be time for your flight to go back home

  2. Politics is just redistribution of wealth, either through expropriation, theft or inflation. You would think that the advancement of global information and communication technology would drive society through more desentralization as political power becomes more and more useless in providing services. I guess its because the politician dynasties realize that their power is under threat from the huge improvement in efficacy that would render them obsolete in mankind history, so that their only option is to subvert the technology that would allow for more liberty and democratization of information and knowledge and use it instead as a tool for tyrannical control. I believe whats happening in the USA will come to Europe as well when the dynasties in Brussel see how powerless the serfs in US have become.

  3. wow that was really good honest info on what is going on.   I’m In England ,but if I was there I would live off  the Grid and stock up on food.  In Britain  we have always grown our own food in gardens and alotments and this seems new to Americans ,but not us we also do canning and store food plus seeds.  I guess were ahead of you this time, I think the good over indulgence for Americans is comming to an end, maybe to much freedom of speach can insight hate, plus sipped lips dont sink ships. Our country is very tiny, but because america is so big thats alot of mouths to feed if T.S.H.T.F.  I also found out on one program that obama had to pay euros to buy oil from the saudies and if the saudies  who  want to in the future only except the euros instead of the dollar well your in a lot of S..T

  4. Over the years, I’ve done extensive, personal research into the subjects presented in this film. The information covered may be difficult for some to believe or accept. However, by devoting a little time to research these subjects further, anyone who’s willing to pull their head out of the sand will discover that this film is accurate. Also, as predicted when it was released, things have become even more of a cause for concern. These are things the mainstream, corporate-owned media just won’t cover in depth, if at all.

    Unfortunately, what I find even more astonishing than the facts presented in the film is the widespread apathy, ignorance and justification of the unacceptable that permeates American society, especially after 9/11. Those weak-minded sheeple, unable to summon up the courage or interest to discover the truth on their own, instead resorts to name-calling to challenge and silence any dissenting voices.

    Those who’ve broken away from the herd (mentality) are able to see the truth, and consequently are able to see the abyss the rest are being herded toward. If those people would only wake up to the truth and show interest and concern regarding the direction our nation and world are heading, we could change its course before it’s too late. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, and there are still so many left to wake up.

    This documentary was clear and concise. It touched upon enough of the current challenges in America to get some people to take a closer look. What they’ll discover is that this film only exposed the tip of the iceberg: there is so much more going on. The truth is made up of many intricacies and layers and will astound anyone who is willing to discover it. As for the sheeple out there, this film will only give them more excuses to continue on with their blissfully ignorant and apathetic lives, dismissing any challenge to their precious, indoctrinated view of the world as just another conspiracy theory.

  5. The first time I watched this video (late last year), I fell asleep halfway. This time I managed to stay awake to the end. Nonetheless, it was just as boring.

    Yes, everybody in the world has a gut feeling that America is headed toward an impending doom, and to think how the country started off with zero-down prime real estate ripped off from the American Indian, and all that free labor supplied by black slaves, it was a wet-dream-come-true. We climaxed with the defeat of Germany, and squandered our riches along with our noble ideals in less than half a century after WWII. But like they say, all good things come to an end.

    If I were a betting man, I wouldn’t put my money on America being around as long as the Roman Empire.

    Be that as it may, this documentary seems to have an agenda of its own. Would you buy a used car from the president of NIA? Yes, America is in deep s**t, but I assure you that life will somehow go on regardless.

    And that guy in the video stocking up on 6000 lbs. of sugar and 3000 lbs. of coffee cracks me up. Just where the hell does he think he’s going with all that stuff. I mean, is he hoping to live forever?  Somebody tell him that cutting down on caffeine and sugar will lead to a healthier, longer life. But God bless him. Come what may, I know he’ll survive if only by the skin of his teeth!

    At the end of liberty, I’m sure I’ll be among the first to go. But I will enjoy the life I was given, no matter what the circumstances around me deteriorate to. In the worst case, there is no need to cling to life. One can always opt to part with dignity.

    God Bless America.

  6. I think while some people may often exaggerate things it can be looked as a good thing as it causes you to then question either how absurd their claims are or what you believe.

    In no way does it nor should it totally impose their view on yours. You should concieve your own questions and from the answers you recieve, develop your own opinions

  7. End Of Liberty & Meltup videos are now available on a single DVD Combo for just a dollar or two.

    It is time to let friends and family know what the hell is going on.

    The OneDollarDVDProject (com) has lots of Patriot DVDs for a dollar or two.

  8. Alex jones is to a rational debate, what a toilet is often is .. full of shit.

  9. Alex jones is to a rational debate, what a toilet is to a bathroom.

  10. As far as your opinions uou said it best when you noted you listed to Alex Jones and took note of what Paul Craig Roberts said … both are right-wing, conspiracy-theorists, bigotted nutcases.

  11. Paul Craig Roberts said it best on the Thursday Alex Jones show when talking about the riots going on in all the European countries:

    “Europeans have a history of opposing tyranny and we just sort of inherited freedom with The Constitution… we’ve never had to fight OUR OWN government… [The European countries] have a tradition of resisting; we don’t. That’s why you see the resisting in those countries and here it’s just passed without comment.”

    I don’t know about a “global conspiracy” but I do know that it is plain old GREED that is making Monsanto patent life [gmo corn, salmon, pigs], big pharma tell us that being human [aches and pains, feeling sad, feeling happy, etc..] is a disorder or a disease and we need drugs to fix it, and it is GREED that makes people and the government spend money they don’t have on things they don’t need.

    WE as a people do need to find our voices and say HELL NO to our government; fight for freedom and risk everything instead of saying, for example:

    “Sure I’ll go through the naked body scanners; I don’t want to miss my flight”

    I’m thinking about finding a huge dildo and sticking it my skirt so next time I go to the airport, the TSA worker will find a nice when tries to molest me again.

  12. Haricots: “These childish notions of them poisoning us and keeping us from the “real cures” is just destructive to minds.”

    Referring to concepts as “childish” is about as responsible as calling something a “dopey conspiracy theory” – anyone interested in a rational and polite discussion tends to be a tad put off, wouldn’t you say? My view regarding big agriculture’s influence on FDA and law enforcement are the opposite of yours – big business fundamentally influences and often controls the regulating bodies of government – the rotating door in action. Suggesting otherwise (and that’s all you’re doing, except you appear to be trying to pass off questioning the motives with a certainty that you’re correct) is incredibly naive…

  13. Conspiracy theory o not this is how these people view of what is happening around them. How do you know its just conspiracy? most of us in the western world lived the good life for awhile which slowly making us ignorance of whats going on around us, most people think its unthinkable governments and the authorities cant do harm to us, its not humane blah blah… anything comes out against authorities are quickly dismiss as conspiracy theories…what if its the truth? Many people within Germany didnt know what their army were doing during WWII,the list goes on through out history many conspiracy theories were proven to be true much later. Didn’t everyone in the world though the earth was flat? even when someone told everyone the truth? Food for though… not everything is black and white.

  14. AnarchoRationalist, I’m not denying that raids were taking place or that they were made with unreasonable excess of force. I’m questioning the motives that was given.
    Do you see the difference? The motives stated was what made it into a conspiracy theory, not pointing out that the raids took place.
    Big agriculture is not afraid of raw milk or organic produces, and they do not influence local law enforcement to make these raids.

    And I feel that I have to point out that I never excused the raids. My standpoint is that a consumer informed of the risks and absence of positive effects of raw milk has a right of endangering himself by purchasing it.

  15. @Haricots,

    The cases that they are showed are not theoretical, at all. There is barely even an indication of a “conspiracy” here, they are merely detailing and criticizing the way that the system actually works. There is quantitatively NOT a conspiracy theory.

    The government DOES raid farmers and distributors. What is to be made of that fact is up to your subjective interpretation. To you it is justified in the interest of public safety, to them it isn’t. Personally I see no reason that people shouldn’t be able to sell raw food, particularly if there are customers interested in buying it. I certainly see no reason that the raids should be conducted with deadly weapons. That is simply unacceptable in civilized society.

    All that having been said, there is a fair amount of bullshit here in addition to the facts. Most of their speculations about an imminent societal collapse seem out of proportion to me, and their minarchist anti-regulation rhetoric is based on praxeology rather than empiricism.

    That was the point of my comment, you can’t just label something and dismiss it, you have to evaluate it seriously, observe the facts, and treat it as the complex web of data that it is. Just dismissing things as “dopey conspiracies” is simply intellectually dishonest.

  16. AnarchoRationalist, calling it a conspiracy theory isn’t unreasonable as it did contain a lot of conspiracy theories.
    The FDA cracking down on raw milk or organic produce because of influences from big corps, when it is actually to prevent food born illnesses (if this is in the realm of the government can be discussed), is one of the conspiracy theories presented.

    I find this type of documentary disturbing. I am generally against over regulation, but why do they have to include all the ridiculousness?
    Why the denial of ADHD and bipolar disorder? Why the sweeping bashing of modern medicine? I wont claim there aren’t real problems to be found in medicine as a practice, but these childish notions of them poisoning us and keeping us from the “real cures” is just destructive to minds.


  17. Oh please, what utter balls. It’s a sure sign of an ideologue when you create a false designation (conspiracy theory) in order to denigrate ideas rather than evaluate them. Develop a little intellectual vigor.

  18. Dopey conspiracy theory movie, waste of time…

  19. If these things happen in Australia the government would in serious trouble there will be mass riots in every city. This is really scary get and fight America before its too late!!!