The End of Memory?

Memory is an essential issue for our society and for every one of us. Up to now, various media have been used to store our memories in a wealth of information. The average life expectancy of an inscription on a stone is ten thousand years, on parchment 1,000 years, on film 100 years on vinyl 50 years with computers our memory is facing an unexpected vulnerability.

Some technologies have already disappeared, this uncertainty is especially troubling and that we have opted to make everything digital believing that our data would remain retrievable for a long time, yet not a single digital medium has managed to achieve long-term success.

Will we be able to ensure the longevity of our digital data? or is this data doomed to disappear sooner or later?

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  1. Nothing really new in this doc and seemed to peak at parity checks and sorting algorithms but missed a break through in data storage.