End of Truth

End of Truth, is a film which investigates the business of kidnapping and how ISIS used it as an effective means to generate income as they rose to power in the war torn country of Syria. Through a number of interviews with negotiators, investigators, fixers and even used car salesmen we learn of the dangers and terrible consequences of misinformation when peoples lives are on the line.

We look back at the abductions of British photojournalist John Cantlie and his colleague James Foley, two individuals who were abducted by masked men whilst they were travelling to Turkey from Syria. Their kidnappers where from ISIS and these two kidnappings were the start of a frenzy which impacted many countries and their foreign policies.

There was a lot of media blackouts surrounding many kidnappings and because of this many journalists unwittingly ventured forth into hostile ISIS territory, fixers were targeted, causing people who thought they were safe to be captured.

In this film we hear of how these unfortunate individuals were treated whilst negotiations were being carried out and we also discover how these desperate situations ended horribly for those whose countries didn’t pay ransom.

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