The End Of The World Cult

In this Channel 4 film British journalist Alex Hannaford sets out on a journey to visit The Lord Our Righteousness Church, also known as Strong City. Strong City is a community located near Clayton, Union County, New Mexico. When filmed back in 2007 the group consisted of about 50 members and it’s leader was Wayne Bent or rather Michael Travesser to those in the “church”.

Bent, was once a pastor for The Seventh-day Adventist Church but in 1987 he decided to leave his denomination with those he considered to be like-minded. However in June 2000, Bent claims that he had an experience in his living room where by he met God himself and was told “You are the Messiah.”

The End of the World Cult covers Bent’s Judgment Day announcement, which is meant to take place on October 31, 2007. This particular date was chosen due the calculation of a Biblical prophecy number which was 490 and then adding it to the year 1517, which was when the Protestant Reformation began, which yields the year 2007. The day itself October 31,was chosen as it is the day that Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses.

We are given great insight into the mind of a man who thinks he is the Messiah, whilst the documentary also reveals a darker side to this cult which includes Bent’s deviant behaviour with regards to children in the cult and even his own sons wife.

Since the film aired Wayne Bent was convicted of criminal sexual contact of a minor and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He continues to serve out the remainder of his prison sentence.

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  1. Feel terribly sad for the Mathew kid, I hope he got out, made friends and is doing well

  2. Regardless of whether or not “Michael” ever physically penetrated those young girls, any grown man who will willingly lay down with a naked minor is a sick and twisted pervert. I hope he gets what he truly deserves.

  3. THIS MAN DID NOT sexually abuse any women or under-age girls. True that he may be a false “messiah”, but he is NOT a monster. I think he has been badly mis-represented by certain media-types. and he ended up in prison for some 8 years over a false charge of “sexual-abuse”. I think this is a sad sad case of misjustice and wrongful accusation. ……

    • I was in this church for over 20 years and you’re right, he didn’t physically abuse those young girls. But What he was doing was grooming all the young women in the church to be ready to marry him when they became of age. That man ruined a lot of lives! He broke up a lot of marriages ruining almost every family in the church. The whole thing started based on a lie. It’s hard to even describe how wicked that man is!!!

    • You are correct. I am very close to the situation and I know the details. It was a wrongful conviction and this was testified to by the girls themselves. The story and the testimony is published on

    • you MUST talk to the girls who’ve left this cult…they will tell you what the truth is…and the emails, letters the women wrote these young girls, telling of how having God thrust his penis inside you, as you scream for more…YES I have the copies of these…what they wrote was NOT set to private and the FBI, Sheriff and local law enforcement went online and read all about these nasty, sexually suggestive writings coming from the Bent messiah’s ho’bags having sex with him…his entire focus was and still is on serving his own sexual perverted wants, desires…just like David Koresh.
      You will be totally shocked when you learn what the truth is, how Bent lied on witness stand!

      • I hope he gets a good beating in prison

      • You are mistaken. Your information is tainted with surmising, innuendo and outright falsehoods. No minors had sex with Mr. Bent.

      • Thank you. If your information is accurate: I stand corrected. And yes, it is certainly true that David Koresh and “Moses David”/David Berg of the Children of God cult were BOTH sexual-predators and even obsessed with young women.

    • How do you know this? Were you there or are you going only by what he says? I’d really like to hear your evidence.

  4. Yet another pervert.