Enemies at the Gates & Global Jihad


These day’s it seems as though The Middle East is fracturing with Arab uprisings and military interventions taking place all across the region. As a result many civil wars have broken out and we have also seen the rise of many terrorist organisations. Stuck in the middle of all this madness is Saudi Arabia, a country which seems to be confronted by extremism on all sides, so much so that they have been building massive fences all along its borders with Iraq and Yemen to keep as many terrorists out as possible. In this episode of Vice on HBO we see reporter Suroosh Alvi travel to the desert kingdom in order to see how America’s leading Arab alley is defending itself.

The second part of this film touches on the extremist group known as ISIS, who shocked the world in 2014 by capturing large portions of land and establishing what it calls a modern day Caliphate. The rise of ISIS has seen many westerners flock to the middle east in order to become jihadi fighters in their self-styled utopia. Reporter Gianna Toboni, travels to Europe in order to meet some of these young men who find themselves drawn to the call of ISIS.

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  1. What’s hilarious are the guys in orange who willingly let their executions be filmed.

    • Because they do fake ones beforehand over and over, asshole. Call something out? Resist? They stop the cameras and beat the shit out of you. Play along and they leave you alone. They do this enough times to lull you into a false sense of security, by the time it’s the real thing, what can you do?

      • Ha!Ha! would be one of those dumb asses that would play along and be lulled into a false sense of security.

        What you most likely did not consider or experience is that in Afghanistan or Iraq the chances of coming across a headless corpse or several of them, at times were more common than seeing a car accident in bumper to bumper traffic on a major US freeway.

        Sometimes when you come across a mass execution there are a few bodies apart from the rest …the runners. I’d at least be a runner. …dead “maybe” but a runner.

        You’re a quitter a loser! …one of the sheep. Baah! LOL

  2. “We are going to beat that worldview out of them 500 pounds at a time.” No. No you aren’t. I think that’s been tried and that mentality is a big part of the reason we have ISIS in the first place. Egad, will these militaristic twats ever learn? And, one almost hates to say it, but the Saudis, the royal family in particular, are getting pretty much exactly what they deserve. If that sounds harsh, well, so be it. The Saudis are going to have to decide which century they want to live in, 14th or 21st. Playing a sectarian game that includes proxy wars to appease radical elements has helped created this extreme reactionary element that coagulated into ISIS. Their caliphate may or may not manifest, but they’re plenty serious about it and they have no love for the Saudi royals. And since their identity revolves around bringing back that “old time religion” I don’t think they can leave either Mecca or Jerusalem alone. Plenty of blood yet to be spilled and the Saudis can take a fair amount of the blame themselves.