Enemies at the Gates & Global Jihad


These day’s it seems as though The Middle East is fracturing with Arab uprisings and military interventions taking place all across the region. As a result many civil wars have broken out and we have also seen the rise of many terrorist organisations. Stuck in the middle of all this madness is Saudi Arabia, a country which seems to be confronted by extremism on all sides, so much so that they have been building massive fences all along its borders with Iraq and Yemen to keep as many terrorists out as possible. In this episode of Vice on HBO we see reporter Suroosh Alvi travel to the desert kingdom in order to see how America’s leading Arab alley is defending itself.

The second part of this film touches on the extremist group known as ISIS, who shocked the world in 2014 by capturing large portions of land and establishing what it calls a modern day Caliphate. The rise of ISIS has seen many westerners flock to the middle east in order to become jihadi fighters in their self-styled utopia. Reporter Gianna Toboni, travels to Europe in order to meet some of these young men who find themselves drawn to the call of ISIS.

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