Engineering Evil: Inside The Holocaust

Engineering Evil is a History Channel special which examines in great detail the process in which the Nazis carries out the Holocaust. However, this film is unique in its approach as it does not focus solely on the engineering / industrial side but rather the human engineering which took place. It was this engineering which allowed such an atrocity to occur in the first place.

The Nazi’s required the people to be willing to look the other way and sometimes even participate in this crime. We learn of how they started achieving this reality even before their military expansion began. The concept was to remove Jews from jobs in education, medicine and other fields by making them seem inferior through propaganda. One such piece of propaganda was a board game called “Jews Out”, labeled as family-friendly the aim was to round up as many Jews as possible for deportation.


As the film moves forward it aggressively questions the “just following orders” defense and the thought that the German were not at fault for the Holocaust. We see how the Nazis were also dependant upon not only themselves but non-Nazis to aid in building the infrastructure of trains, gas chambers and ovens, each step of the way issues were tackled in a calculated problem-solving manner.

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