The Entity

The Entity is a Channel 4 documentary on sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which people, either when falling asleep or wakening, temporarily experience an inability to move. More formally, it is a transition state between wakefulness and rest characterized by complete muscle atonia (muscle weakness). It can occur at sleep onset or upon awakening, and it is often associated with terrifying visions (e.g., an intruder in the room), to which one is unable to react due to paralysis. It is believed a result of disrupted REM sleep, which is normally characterized by complete muscle atonia that prevents individuals from acting out their dreams. Sleep paralysis has been linked to disorders such as narcolepsy, migraines, anxiety disorders, and obstructive sleep apnea; however, it can also occur in isolation. When linked to another disorder, sleep paralysis commonly occurs in association with the neuromuscular disorder narcolepsy.

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  1. What in the Hell! is wrong with that cameraman! learn how to just leave the damn thing alone…

  2. ive suffered with this for years and seen jack shit, just force yourself to turn over and go back to sleep.

  3. I have had that too ….for me it started around 14 years old and it stopped around 38 …..this was the most terrifying thing I have ever been through ….I know what was attacking me was pure evil ….and I know I was not dreaming

  4. I struggled with it on a reoccurring basis for years. Now I don’t. Here’s how to avoid it: don’t sleep on your back, and especially don’t sleep on your back when you have taken Benadryl or any other medication containing diphenhydramine. I realized that I had only experienced these sleep paralysis episodes nights I was doing one or the other, or both at same time!

    Once I stopped, made a rule never to sleep on my back or take diphenhydramine around bedtime, it stopped. I have not experienced it since, seriously. It was horrible how much I used to have it, and sometimes I do miss sleeping on my back but, it’s just not worth the risk to me.

    • Thanks for your input.
      I think you are part right not wrong at all just partly right, this has happened to me, twice i believe.
      Both occasions I slept on my back, a practice I rarely do, until you mentioned it, I didn”t make the connection.

      As for the scientific explanation, its very plausible, IF, the investigator has no personal experience, after deep consideration and the dawning knowledge of dimensions, my conclusion is no conclusion but an inference that between say our 3rd dimension and the fourth is dimension 3.5.

      perhaps 3.1 and so on even, our understanding of this i would guess, is known as purgatory, it appears that dimensional shifts can happen in very localised area’s.

      Among other types of high strangeness i”ve witnessed is the perplexing darker shadow being cast than that of shadows around it, also of a shadow cast by nothing at all.

  5. Everyone in this video claiming to be repeatedly “attacked” by an entity are blatant liars. Want proof? It is very, very, very simple. If you seriously think an entity regularly attacks you during the night, you’d probably set up a freaking camera! None of these liars have footage. Then, if you honestly believed the entity wouldn’t attack you that night because you had a camera recording and it was trying to avoid being filmed, you would simply record EVERY NIGHT so it would never happen again. This is literally one of the most obviously fake stories I have ever heard. Anyone partaking in this video and/or falling for this clearly made up entity, is either mentally retarded or a blatant liar.

    • Are you trolling or do you really have no idea what you’re talking about and just like to talk trash about something you don’t understand? I’m truly not sure which you are. Ignorance is bliss I guess. or you’re just an awful troll. thanks, much love.

  6. I have been having sleep paralysis for a very long time and I’m only 18. When I was younger, I used to think that I was having demonic attacks but, I got older and more knowledgeable and I came to realize that when you are asleep, your body paralyzes itself in order to prevent you from acting out your dreams. When your mind wakes up before your body, you get what is known as sleep paralysis. All the hallucinations you are experiencing are just your screwed up mind is playing tricks on you. Once you realize it is all mental, there will be no more “entities,” but, I do believe in the paranormal and spiritual so these testimonies don’t seem all that impossible. Demons could be visiting us in our sleep and science is just trying to cover it up. I don’t know. I’m not a scientist or the man upstairs.

  7. I am 22 years of age and as far as I can remember I’ve been having these weird semi-conscious hallucinations, I believe because of my age now I am easily able to understand sleep paralysis but when ever it seemed to happen at a younger age I simply was unable to grasp what was happening. I’ve had many extremely frightening times and many strange moments but the worse part was believing, for a very long time, that I was the only person who has been experiencing this. As a chld, I couldn’t even begin to explain what sleep paralysis was to another person.

  8. this world is fixing to come upon those who fear the most, the cowards, those who run this country and sell the lies to the masses for this is your lord and your fixing to make the meeting and return home for the final time.
    those of you who live in fear call on the name of the most high and the fear will be reversed, they play on your weakness when you least aspect it. there doom is at hand.

    the world has entered it final phase and the evil will walk among the living for a final show. then we utterly crush their heads and throw them into the fire. take great courage in this final hour, we are stronger and love rules our world…

  9. Yes, it is ALL sleep disorders. Yes, some of them seem very real and disturbing. Yes, it can be recurring for some people. Yes, other people can (think) they ‘witness’ things because of psychology, their beliefs, crowd influence, environmental factors such as low frequency sound, and magnetic fields. There is no supernatural. The universe is a vast weird place, we cannot begin to understand. But all the stuff we think is paranormal, is not. The brain is a complex thing, that can cause all kinds of symptoms, hallucinations, etc. It makes things seem real, especially if you have certain spiritual beliefs and are more inclined to go that way, and/or in the case of one of these people, have a history of trauma. It’s nice to believe in different things, but they are just that- beliefs, they are not facts, they are not real. I have had sleep paralysis a handful of times. Because I do not believe in god, and have known what sleep paralysis is from childhood, though frightening, I always was aware of what it was, and that it was not real. Not everyone is able to do that, but it does not mean that they are experiencing any entities. I have known people that experienced trauma as a child, and then had recurring sleep paralysis/night terrors as a response and yes, you can wake up with wounds etc, that were self inflicted because you were halfway between sleeping and waking, and were not aware of what you are doing. There are people that have jumped out of windows and hurt/killed other people- in their SLEEP. It happens.

    • people like you make me cringe, such foolish words are ever turn, death waits and you refuse it until it is upon you and no escape can be made, even worse you take the peace of others and say it is vain. you know not where even your thoughts come from yet you now all things. pity is upon you lost soul.

      • Wow, you are a freaking retard. Your brilliant comment literally has nothing to do with the comment you responded to. In fact, regardless who you responded to your comment STILL makes no sense whatsoever. I can only imagine what the people in your life think about you given you are obviously unable to construct even a simple, coherent thought in writing. Good job trying at least. But stick to flipping burgers and leave everything else to those of us whom are at least no painfully stupid.

  10. I have figured out my own way of getting out of sleep paralysis. What works for me is I give in to what ever is or trying to attack me. Whenever I give in I suddenly “wake up”. The first time I did this I was like whoa all you have to do is surrender? But as with sleep paralysis I never know when the next one will happen, but when it did I remembered to just give in to what ever was attacking me and I “woke up”.

  11. funny how everyone on this comments section has this rare condition…. -_-

  12. i was sleep but woke up by some one cuting me on the chest and win i got up it was a cut on my chest and i was bleeding

  13. I had something similar my eyes were open and my breathing,, I was breathing fire I could feel it from my lungs and when I woke up I found a gold hair on my neck that was not there before

  14. Its night terrors, it happens after a drug bender.

  15. This used to happen to me. It is scary; but, you don’t need to worry about it, these ‘entities’ are not real!

    Sleep paralysis can happen, but I found it happened to me when I was in a particularly stressful time of my life. The trick is to not worry, at all, when you wake up in sleep paralysis. If you start to panic, then you most likely will experience audio and visual hallucinations; if you keep yourself very calm, you won’t experience anything and you will just wake up. It takes a while not to panic, because being paralysed in bed is a very strange feeling! But as soon as you get used to it, and realise straight away that your in sleep paralysis, you will deal with it fine.

  16. I also have Sleep Paralysis!! This documentary its to sensationalist.
    Calling Entity attacks to Sleep Paralysis is stupid and put people even more afraid.

    Actually in Sleep paralysis your body is sleeping while your mind is awake! there are no entities, its just illusions created by this state!! the closest phenomena to this is lucid dreaming! that I fully control at this point.

    In the beginning I was so scared of this, I was afraid of falling asleep. till I start to read about Sleep Paralysis!!

    I you have the courage and cold mind try to do what I say.

    – When you realize the Paralysis don’t move at all. ( not even a finger )
    – Concentrate on the Vibrations you feel in your entire body.
    – Watch the Vibrations feeling stronger and stronger
    – Then try to imagine good things like a flowery garden

    – If everything goes nicely you will be in that garden you imagine!!
    – This sounds a bit crazy but then you can fly around and its amazing.

    — Listen to me, there is nothing to be afraid of sleep paralysis!!!
    — Use it to have wonderful dreams

    — Its what I do ( And believe me, I had really terrifying experiences as everyone had )

    • yes this documentary is over dramatic but honestly from my experience with sleep paralysis, it was very dramatic and caused a lot painful problems in my life with my health and overall happiness. While I agree with you joao that this is not a paranormal thing and very psychological, I have to say that, it may be very easy for you to overcome these things as you mentioned, for some people it isn’t as easy to control their state of mind or emotions even in a waking state. The oddness of this topic and raw experience for most, leads them to be very afraid of what just happened real or not. This fear creates it to be very real for people and the more fear you have, the more it builds in your mind and becomes a reality. This experience is so vastly different for everyone and to generalize that it is easy or stupid discounts a lot of peoples own experiences with sleep paralysis including my own. As I agree with most of what you say, and am very happy you have found a way to have fun with it, I only hope that your approach can help others who are having problems coping with these experiences. What ever can help someone be less afraid of these experiences and turn them into something positive, whether it be a religious approach or not I think they should try. Thanks for sharing and hopefully it helps someone who is need of help/guidance on this topic!

    • Exactly!, This documentary is a bit over dramatic for what Sleep Paralysis actually is due to the fact there is nothing actually paranormal about it just some sinister mind tricks. Although at the same time if you were experiencing this and had never heard of Sleep Paralysis I could definitely see some people being convinced that they are being haunted or whatever simply because the experience can be intense at times.

      • Agreed. This used to happen to me all the time through my childhood. I really thought I was seeing ghosts! Became terrified of the dark and being alone at night in my room. My parents thought I was being ridiculous and wouldn’t allow me to sleep with them or leave a light on. Still shudder just thinking about it.

      • Yes Danny I agree!!

  17. I just finished watching this documentary and I needed to also say what Danny has said in order to help anyone else who may be dealing with problems stemmed from sleep paralysis. I use to severely suffer from waking up paralyzed while hallucinating ghostly figures, to the point of where I was too afraid to go to sleep at night. I was so afraid of waking up and seeing this death like skeleton figure staring at me in the corner of my room paralyzing my movements that I would stay up all night and never actually fall asleep until the sun came up.

    The first time this happened to me, I was sleeping over at my girlfriends house and was lying in her bed on my back. I woke up to a presence in the room. Staring at me, for me this presence took on the form of a ghost like skeleton wearing a dark grey robe that seemed to have a fabric emitting dark particles that slowly faded away. He raised his arm and pointed at me. Scaring the SH** out of me. I shook so hard trying to run away but couldn’t move, I woke my girlfriend up from shaking so hard. She immediately freaked out from what looked to her, like me having a seizure. After a few seconds she grabbed my arm. Now, as soon as I felt her touch and at the same time I sat up, the figure was sucked back into the wall from whence it came. When she asked me what happened I couldn’t explain it and adrenaline was still coursing through me. What few descriptive words I told her she went online and found out about, sleep paralysis. I was shocked that what just happened to me had some word, it was too specific….

    Every time this would happen to me, the same thing would occur, only this death figure would appear closer and closer, until one time when i woke up, it was just hovering right in front of my face parallel to my body leaving me paralyzed to do anything about it. Things got so bad for me that I ended up waking up in the ER room, for trying to kill what ever was inside me (what i thought at the time was haunting me) by jumping off a building. When I awoke in the ER I was so fed up of not going to bed at night and living in fear that if I did I may never wake up, I started to understand more about when it would happen to me, why it would happen and more importantly for me when it wouldn’t I studied it as closely as it seemed this figure was studying me.

    As Danny had mentioned this only happens at least to me when I fall asleep lying on my back, it would also, for me, occur more frequently when I would be in the middle of a very odd dream where nothing seemed very realistic and every time almost jolted out of the dream like being sucked back to reality and upon opening my eyes it seems some of those unrealistic things in my dream were actually really there. It is one thing to have a nightmare and wake up but it is another to have one and then open your eyes and continue to experience that nightmare with your eyes open, not to mention unable to move. Now all those things are extremely hard for me to talk about due to the nature of the topic and the sensitivity involved in my own experiences, but recently a new found love for my life and a positive attitude has showed me that we can not be afraid or be fearful of the past present or future. The best most effective thing that has helped me get through this and reduce significantly the amount of times it happens is to not be afraid or hold any fear in your body for what ever has or will happen! I can’t emphasize that enough, do not be afraid of what ever is happening and slowly what ever is happening will no longer control your happiness. Another thing that Danny also mentioned is to concentrate a lot of energy into one big movement and try to get on your side or the best thing is to sit up. When I started waking up and concentrating energy into one big movement I would literally blow the death figure back into the wall as I sat up. Seems funny to say now but is what happened for me.

    Nowadays I am so passionate about helping people conquer their fears in any aspect of their life that I am making a video game about my experiences with sleep paralysis to help people conquer what fears they may have in their life that paralyze them to act on or do to create more happiness in people lives. I hope to help as many people as I can through this game to not allow any space inside of them for fear to grow or fester. The more we can control our own fears the more joy we share.

    I hope someone got some value out of me sharing my story!

  18. I have had sleep paralysis myself, quite a number of times in fact and it really can be very terrifying especially the first few times, but I have since found a way to quickly snap out of it.

    My experiences of it usually involve me waking up early in the morning unable to move but with the quick realisation that there is a dark shadow/entity in the room or something whispering from the corner or in a wardrobe. This shadow then begins to pulsate towards my face and the closer it gets the more intense and uncomfortable it becomes. To snap out of it and to stop the hallucination I found that as soon as I become aware that I am in sleep paralysis I need to put all my effort into trying to sharply sit up, this can sometimes take a lot of effort and this becomes harder to do the longer I leave it but once I do manage to move from the position I’m currently lying in the experience comes to an abrupt end. The temptation to try fall back asleep is strong because sometimes its as though you need muster up every last drop of energy you have whilst being in an extremely groggy mindstate. I have found however, that if I do manage to fall back asleep the whole experience intensifies two fold, until I finally move.

    Sleep paralysis nearly always occurs for me when I fall asleep lying flat on my back, since I realised this I always sleep on my side and haven’t had a reoccurrence in a while.

    • Guys I have experienced sleep paralysis since the age of 18 and it got very bad until was also afraid of going to sleep. The dark entity always lingering it’s presence and making weird noises and appearing very close and almost being very over-bearing… I was miserable until one day reading a book about it.

      And here the light on the situation… it’s not an entity outside of you… it’s your OWN INTERNAL shadow-pain body energy. It takes the form of whatever you fear most, whether a skeleton/ghost/demon/spider/entity/dark presence it will always be a form that scares YOU most. YOU carry that even when you are awake, it’s your own unprocessed repressed energetic pain from the past. And the simple trick and solution is to observe it and just see what happens when you do nothing, just watch and don’t try to wake up. By observing without reacting, or even if you are fearful and observe the fear and accept it too, then it will start to vanish. It’s like observation just simply heals it and brings the light to it. Even when you are awake, KNOW that is not outside you. It’s your own negative energy, and by accepting, surrendering, observing it and just breathing with it – it starts to heal and the light is brought in.

  19. In need, turn to faith.

  20. This is so terrifying! This happens to me too, very often actually, except that I don’t see any visions or anything. I’m awake but I can’t move, I feel like somebody is holding down my body, I can’t scream, I can’t talk, the only thing I can do is roll my eyes and look around, but my head isn’t moving. And I feel that I am breathing very fast and hard but yet I feel like it’s only inside of me, and outside you can’t see how fast I am breathing. Hate that. One night I couldn’t sleep because it happened every 5th minute. I hope I will never be able to see such things cause I would get a heart-attack!

    • I have that exact same problem, as does my sister. This has been happening to us since we were young (now early 40’s). My daughter-in-law has the same exact thing happen to her, mostly when either my sister or I are visiting at her and my son’s house. We know its an entity trying to take over our mind body and soul….I pray hard for help, wish I could make it stop.

      • Also if there is help and light in praying. Prayers especially to God and Jesus Christ, helps a lot for you to overcome this. But remember to heal this darkness, which is within you. You must acknowledge it and observe it.

      • Guys I have experienced sleep paralysis since the age of 18 and it
        got very bad until was also afraid of going to sleep. The dark entity
        always lingering it’s presence, paralysing and making weird noises and appearing being very over-bearing… I was miserable until
        one day reading a book about it.

        And here is the light on the
        situation… it’s not an entity outside of you… it’s your OWN INTERNAL
        shadow-pain body energy. It takes the form of whatever you fear most,
        whether a skeleton/ghost/demon/spider/entity/dark presence it will
        always be a form that scares YOU most. YOU carry that even when you are
        awake, it’s your own unprocessed repressed energetic pain from the past. It could be passed on to you from your family ancestors, not as a curse, but more of a dis-balance in the energy field. And it can be balanced!
        And the simple trick and solution is to observe it and just see what
        happens when you do nothing, just watch it next time it happens. Has it ever done anything except scare you and make you feel immobile? No, even weird hallucinations are just that. By
        observing without reacting, or even if you are fearful, still observe the
        fear and accept it too, then it will start to vanish. It’s like
        observation just simply heals it and brings the light to it. Even when
        you are awake, KNOW that this is not an entity outside you. It’s your own negative
        energy, and by accepting, surrendering, observing it and just breathing
        with it – it starts to heal and the light is brought in.

        Also try the Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle. He will help you understand this and heal it.

  21. So glad to have seen this. Was suffering really badly with this exact thing. Its absolutely terrifying- YOU ARE ACTUALLY AWAKE!

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