Escaping North Korea

The dramatic stories of North Koreans who are risking everything, including torture and execution, to escape the repression and hunger of their homeland and reach safety in the South.

The border between the two Koreas is so heavily guarded that refugees are forced to flee into China, dodging border guards and risking freezing to death crossing the river that divides the two countries. Once in China, they are forced to live secret lives, the women often sold into forced marriages or prostitution, because if discovered, the Chinese authorities will send them back.

This film follows two women who have decided to embark on the next stage of the journey, a desperate attempt to reach South Korea. For May, it involves a four thousand mile journey through the jungles of Laos and Thailand, to claim asylum in Bangkok. For Guem Hee, it means buying a fake passport and risking arrest at any moment. For both women, it is a moving story of leaving their loved ones behind in the biggest gamble of their lives.

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  1. I’m SKorean
    I hate NKoreans and I want to remove all of Nkorean politicians.

  2. I am still in shock….
    Still feeling Bad for the People those who are still suffering in NK!!!!

    At least not for even God sake for Humanity sake, help these guys…

  3. I find this documentary quite fascinating yet disturbing as well…As a Canadian, I don’t think I can relate to the North Korea struggles on a daily basis. Many countries has so much to offer, where as the North Koreans live in free everyday in their own countries. There is no easy way out, they either try to survive famine conditions or to risk their life living in China. 

  4. sad China won’t help more…. super power? i think not until they stop this crap and help those people escaping get to SK.

    I’ve watched another video where Russia has NK camps set up doing work (logging) in Siberia where workers are treated like slaves…. sad Russia turns their eye to this as well for $$

    People bash the West all the time and yes they have many faults.. however they are so far ahead with human rights for their peoples than anywhere in the world.

  5. Good film – I’m amazed by how brave the women in this film are…..Psycological woman are superior to men I think.

  6. Those are crazy ass communist, freaking oppressive people! I would have no remorse cutting that Kim Jong Il’s throat and piss on his corpse…… I can’t believe they are Humans! They’re animals pretending to be human….

  7. Heartbreaking.

  8. Heartbreaking.

  9. Heartbreaking.

  10. Heartbreaking.

  11. What the F**K are the worlds leader waiting for? Why not help this country? HO wait…I understand…NO OIL!

    • Lixtetraxx: You sir, understand whats its all about! the UN should invade and end the regime of Kim Jong-Il.

    • North Korea has the 5th strongest army in the world, and has recently obtained nuclear weapons, ones logic does not say to barge in their requesting rule over a country that is rightfully theirs. And what can they do? And who will save them? America? The society of North Korea is brain-washed into thinking that American’s are evil liberals. They were betrayed by them. You’ve seen the North Korean Propaganda, THEY HATE AMERICANS. What China gonna do for their neighbouring country? huh? Whenever a North Korean refugee is found they take them back to North Korea were their and their family are to be tortured and burned. I do agree this country is in desperate need for help. It’s heartbreaking to see such appaling human rights. But ranting in a comment bar how ‘f*cking’ world leaders are selfish bastards that are only in it for the money is not going to help. I suggest if you you really want to help this country you donate towards LiNK, or another donation site,

      • you are incredibly naive. sorry. We only “help” when theres something to gain, oil, money from rebuilding, removing leaders ditching the dollar etc. It’s a money game, and hating on the people on the top of the system is essential, we need resistance, shutting up would be in the favor of the people that just don’t care.

      • wise up you fuckin the fuck are donations gonna help the poor fuckers tryin to escape a tyrannical led country.And for the record they dont have the fifth strongest army in the world you fuckin brainless idiot

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  13. embeddable videos, goddamit