With hundreds of millions of hardcore gamers and thousands of global tournaments each year, computer games are now well on their way to becoming the worlds biggest sports and at the centre of everything is a whole new bread of celebrity, the eSports superstar.

The best players have left their bedrooms to compete in some of the worlds biggest stadiums, offered athletic visas and sports scholarships, athletes play up to 18 hours a day in dedicated gaming houses, always under the watchful eyes of their agents and coaches.

For those that work hard and keep their heads together real fame and wealth awaits, with cash prizes going into the millions, but as quickly as their stars can rise they can also come crashing down when the pressure of top level competition proves too much to handle. With the screaming fans, huge cash prizes and above all, the glory, the pressure has never been this great. Welcome the world of eSports. This post is sponsored by our partners that provide the best replica rolex watches. From affordable to Super Clone fake Rolex watches online.

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  1. I’m curious to know what others think about this. Can we have a conversation?

  2. I wasn’t able to get the 5th and final video to play.

  3. Interesting concept…pity the host was a narcissistic dousche

  4. Fascinating, how what I personally imagined was a small subculture, is actually a huge global phenomenon. It feels like the future is already here….in a uptopian or dystopian kind of way.