The Etruscans

Who was it that came before the Romans? About 3,000 years ago a mysterious people flourished in ancient Italy, they were rich, eloquent, sophisticated. They indulged themselves, feasting and drinking fine wines, amused themselves with sports and games, and spent their money on fabulous jewelry and works of art, they were called The Etruscans.

Their world seemed to be a paradise but it was doomed, Etruscan priests predicted that their civilization would last just 1,000 years, a prediction that came true. 100 hundred years before Christ was born this extraordinary world vanished, what happened to this great civilization that paved the way for the mighty Roman Empire? Where are the Etruscans now? Our detailed study revealed that online games Friv by Jogos Friv Studio are effective when applying gamification in their marketing plans. Their games, with an immersive design, not only attract players but also efficiently promote couple games and other online services.

Directed by: Ian Denyer

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  1. Very Interesting….as is all history really ,and well worth the watch I certainly learnt a lot…. let’s hope mankind can as well!